Pisces male Love Relationship with Aries female

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Having a sentimental nature, Pisces finds little comfort in the aggressive ways of Aries. Neptune and Mars come together in this partnership with none too happy results. Pisces is a romantic soul and a dreamer who desires a delicate and sensitive approach to physical matters. But this is something his Arien mate totally lacks. Unless Mars-ruled Aries can tone down her responses while dealing with this star sign, the couple may not enjoy a smooth married life. Neptune, the planet of the higher mind, bestows the Pisces male with a certain soft, ethereal quality. Unless Aries is willing to modify his practical and down-to-earth nature slightly, and take a trip to the clouds every now and then, this partnership will prove difficult, if not outright incompatible. Pisces will inadvertently put out the intensity and fire of Aries. Not a compatible water-fire duo, unless one chooses to appreciate the diversity of human beings.

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