Pisces male Love Relationship with Scorpio female

Kundli Matching

This may be a case of ``love at first sight``. However, it seldom lasts long. Everything seems fine until Pisces starts getting tired of the little interests that seem to keep Scorpio always occupied outside of the home. Scorpio, who feels that possessiveness is her own sacred domain, does not appreciate the possessive and suspicious nature of Pisces. The dependence and helplessness of her Piscean mate holds Scorpio`s sympathies for a while, but sooner or later, she loses respect for her weak mate, and the relationship starts to deteriorate. But on the positive side, there is an intuitive bond here that both will find extremely agreeable. There is physical attraction between them, and both share their emotions and feelings. There is also all the other good stuff that both seem to enjoy so much. Not too much of it though. Just be sure you can still see clearly and realistically once in a while!

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