Pisces male Love Relationship with Pisces female

Kundli Matching

Having the same virtues and vices, these two Pisceans should get along well. At least they will have understanding and sympathy for one another. Both have the same basic interests and the same love of home and possessions. The only possible drawback could be a drifting away from practical realities. But then, they could remain anchored to each other. Likewise, they could both put their shoulders to the wheel and face the responsibilities that reality demands. Each sign has the refinement and fragility that the other desires in love, so all in all, this looks like a good combination. A double dose of intuition, fantasy, dreams and emotions, so where is the logic? But then, who needs it anyway? Of course, being too alike may bring its own share of confusion and disarray in the relationship. Maybe they could get an advisor to handle those nagging day-to-day matters that would so often slip these two Piscean minds!

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