Pisces male Love Relationship with Capricorn female

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A sympathetic and understanding mate is what Capricorn will find in Pisces. Similarly, the steady and strong temperament of Capricorn is just what Pisces needs to provide him a sense of confidence and security. Sexual needs and social goals are similar too, making them very compatible. One of the things that Pisces admires about Capricorn is her levelheaded, practical ways. Capricorn is delighted to find her mate`s dependence grow with the years as this is a sure way for Capricorn to satisfy her inherent desire to be loved and needed. Thus this is one earth-water combination that seems to work very well and, in fact, grows stronger over the years. The two signs have other complimentary values as well, and will find comfort and solace in one another`s company. Provided Capricorn remembers to display her emotions at least once in a while for the benefit of her dreamy and sensitive husband, this duo is destined to have a long and fruitful married life.

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