Pisces male Love Relationship with Sagittarius female

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Though there is much in this water-fire combination to ensure an interesting and sincere relationship, Sagittarius may find her marriage to Pisces too confining. It is best, therefore, to avoid such a marital tie-up. Sagittarius being a free bird will find the Pisces male too much of a burden or hindrance because of his over-sensitive nature. The Sagittarius female also finds her marriage partner a bit of a cling-on. As a result, pity instead of love would soon be the order of the day, and then, a struggle between conscience and duty would follow. This couple should think very hard indeed before saying, ``I do``. There will be a lot of curiosity and confusion within the marriage. At times, the going will be great and at others, not good at all. Although their natures are quite different from one another, the desire and ability to understand the other`s intentions and actions will be evident, none the less.

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