Pisces male Love Relationship with Leo female

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The strong and sunny temperament of Leo may be too much for the subtle and sensitive Pisces. Pisces has the resilience to take on the changing moods of any partner. However, being impressionable, Pisces is easily hurt by any actual or imagined wrong, howsoever trivial, and it becomes very difficult to cope with him then. In fact, if he is hurt too often by Leo, inadvertently or otherwise, it may prove dangerous for the relationship over the long term. Leo feels much flattered to have others, particularly her partner, depend on her for things. But if she tries to abuse or dominate Pisces unnecessarily, the latter`s resentment may bog Leo down ultimately. Watery Pisces and fiery Leo, such is the combination here. This is generally not expected to work. But both have the ability to learn from the other, and provided they can get past their innate differences, this relationship could work.

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