Pisces female Love Relationship with Virgo male

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Pisces is the very opposite of Virgo. In the zodiac they are 180 degrees apart. Opposites often find compatibility; even though astrologically speaking they are opposing signs. Perhaps contrast makes for interest and in Virgo and Pisces the contrast is very marked. It will take a great deal of patience and understanding on the part of Virgo to cope with the moody, sentimental nature of Pisces over a long period of time. While the Virgo woman is practical and sensible, the Piscean is a romantic dreamer, with his head perpetually in the clouds. On the other hand, the one thing the Piscean man intensely dislikes is the virgin`s constant nagging and her habit of rudely awakening him from his dreams, bringing him jarringly down to reality. Too much criticism will rob the Pisces man of his self-respect and it will make him give up on the relationship. If the Virgo girl shows a bit more sentiment and emotions, it will go a long way in making this combination happy. This is another pair of zodiac opposites that can be great at times and terrible at others. Zodiac opposites can learn a lot about themselves from their counterparts.

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