Pisces female Love Relationship with Scorpio male

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This may be a love-at-first-sight combination. Both possess a telepathic understanding and empathy for each other`s needs. Scorpio appreciates the Piscean`s need to latch-on. She provides an anchor to hold the dreamy, wandering Pisces firmly to the ground. Scorpio is immensely practical and thinks a lot about the future. The positive and energetic Scorpio however, does not always appreciate qualities of dreamy, laid-back Pisces. Both will have some adjustments to make if they wish to avoid heartaches. Pisces will have to learn to be more direct in his approach, while Scorpio will have to learn to be less inquisitive and give her man more personal space. The fish could occasionally do with being brought back to reality and being forced to show some sense of purpose. She can teach him self-confidence, the quality he needs the most. In turn, he can teach her faith and trust. With her at his side, there is very little he cannot achieve. These two know how to love all the way and that is perhaps the best way to love. But she must learn from him the wisdom of forgiveness. Just as he must learn from her how to weather storms.

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