Pisces female Love Relationship with Sagittarius male

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The Sagittarius woman and the Piscean man must expect a certain amount of tension from the occasional clashing of their divergent personalities. His tendency towards self-pity, and her tendency towards self-wilfulness, obviously will only deepen the problems. Jealousy and possessiveness will not be the major issue of discontent as neither of them is really possessive by nature, and both them enjoy their freedom too much to deny it to the other. The Sagittarius woman despises any trace of the Neptunian secrecy, double talk or deception of the Piscean man. While the Piscean man is deeply disturbed by the brutal honesty of the Sagittarius woman that wounds more than it heals. There are many ties of tenderness and bonds of sympathy between the planets Jupiter and Neptune, which bind the Sagittarius woman and Piscean male closer than they realise. So if they love enough, they can come to an amicable solution and iron their differences. She should be a little more tactful, thoughtful and gentle, without having to let go of her individuality and independence, so characteristic of the element of fire in her sign. He must be a little more open, direct and expressive, without sacrificing the spiritual privacy and calmness of the water element in his nature.

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