Pisces female Love Relationship with Pisces male

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When two people are ruled by the same planet, they must face the certain increase and intensification of both the positive and negative aspects of their personalities. The positive qualities that they share are gentleness, sensitivity, imagination, creativity, compassion and perception, along with a great deal of cleverness and wit. Plus the good sense of not standing in each other`s shadow. The negative qualities they`ll have to prune are: too much day-dreaming, idleness, laziness, confusion, untidiness, chaos, fears, phobias and various forms of neurosis. With these two signs having the same virtues and vices, they should get along well. At least they will have understanding and sympathy for one another and will gravitate towards each other, naturally and smoothly. A Piscean woman is well qualified to snare a male Pisces into her net of love and keep him there. She`ll intuitively sense that he doesn`t like her looking inside her mind. Both have the same interests and the same love of home and possessions. The only possible drawback is that they may drift too far from practical realities. At least one of the partners should be anchored to the ground, so that they can put their shoulders to the wheel and face realities. They have the refinement and delicacy that each desires in love, so all in all, this should be a good combination.

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