Pisces female Love Relationship with Capricorn male

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Capricorn-Pisces combination is a good one in more ways than one. Capricorn will find a sympathetic and understanding mate in Pisces, and the steady-going temperament of Capricorn will fulfil Pisces` need for a sense of confidence and security. Piscean man adores the strength of Capri girl and relaxes in her company. As the Pisces` dependence on Capricorn grows over the years, it will fulfil Capricorn female`s desire to be needed. Both the partners think and feel alike. Some differences of opinion can be solved by effortless cooperation and understanding. Sexual relationship between the two can be passionate and imaginative. Even their social goals are compatible and very similar. One of the things that Pisces will admire about Capricorn is her very practical ways. This combination should work very well. This is a good combination of complimentary values. They will find comfort in one another, provided Capricorn displays her emotions once in a while. She should also be careful and give her partner the kind of freedom she wants from him.

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