Pisces female Love Relationship with Aries male

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Having a sentimental nature, Pisces finds little comfort in the aggressive Aries. Pisces are romantic and they desire the delicate approach that the Arien lacks. Aries does not like Piscean tendency of revealing half-truths at all. While Piscean man is hypersensitive for a man, the Arien woman is determined and independent. She may push him around and instead of confronting her he would retreat instinctively, making Aries feel more helpless. His mildness can make her utter harsh and unkind remarks (that she did not mean to say), hurting his feelings deeply. Neptune, the planet of the higher mind, gives Pisces an ethereal quality. If she is willing to take a trip to the clouds now and then with her Piscean lover, the partnership will prove compatible. Pisces will inadvertently put out the fire of Aries. There is not much that is compatible about these two, unless one can appreciate the diversity of human beings. Arien impulsiveness and impatience is not likely to take to Piscean passiveness easily.

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