Gemini female Love Relationship with Libra male

Kundli Matching

A Libra woman is more than a match for a Gemini man, at the game of guile and gives him right back whatever he dishes out. A Libra woman will always manage to get her own way under the guise of fairness, feminity and helplessness. The Gemini man will never gain total victory over the Libra woman. Essentially, Libra and Gemini are wonderfully compatible, possessing many virtues, as well as vices, in common. They tend to respect each other`s mentality, privacy and freedom of thought and speech. This is considered to be a great astrological influence for a long and happy marriage. Libra being under Venus` influence and Mercury ruling Gemini, this makes for a very good planetary configuration. Both favour similar changes of interests. In the case of this pair, Libra is the judge and Gemini the responsive jury in the nuptial courthouse. The combination`s intellectual and artistic interests are compatible. Libra will understand both sides of the Gemini nature. This will be a very stimulating relationship. Both partners compliment each other and bring out the best in themselves. Gemini will find it easy to communicate with Libra who is only too happy to share his feelings and his ideas.

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