Gemini female Love Relationship with Virgo male

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This union may not prove to be idyllic and blissful over a long period. With Mercury ruling both signs, this may prove too much in the long run. Virgos are possessed of a heavy sense of duty and responsibility and are very mature. Conversely Gemini tends to be flighty and seldom feels guilty about anything. Virgos tend to be practical and economy-minded while Gemini couldn`t be bothered to count his pennies. Gemini thinks in grand, sweeping terms, more often than not, ignoring the details. For Virgo, detail is everything. One point of convergence between the two could be the desire for good clothes, cleanliness, a mutual desire to associate with people who are engaged in artistic or intellectual pursuits. Through these channels, many Gemini-Virgo channels are formed. Gemini man will respect the mental faculties of the Virgo woman and she in turn will give him her complete loyalty and devotion. The twin Gemini brings out the maternal instincts in Virgo. But her attempts to teach him maturity will generally be unsuccessful. But with harmonious sun-moon interchange between their horoscopes, these two can achieve a lasting affection and contentment in their union.

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