Gemini female Love Relationship with Leo male

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The twin mercury gifts of charm and glibness make the typical Gemini an expert lion trainer. When he converses with a lioness, he sandwiches the cold facts in between thick slices of warm flattery. Every Leo woman has an instinctive desire to tame the man she loves; in whom she can have absolute faith, a man who is clearly stronger than she is and would cherish her without reservation. This becomes all the more difficult when she sets out to tame a Gemini man. To a Gemini male, all females are alike - a threat to his freedom and suspicious of his unpredictable behaviour. A Leo woman has to convince him that she is unique in all aspects. When she has really tamed him, jealousy may never be a problem on either side. A well-loved lioness is an exceptionally affectionate and loving woman. To her, physical union is more than a mercury mental challenge or an emotional exercise. This woman and man are both extravagant with words and with money and share exquisite taste, be it dressing up, travel, literature or the arts. If the Leo woman can understand her Gemini man`s need to cut loose and roam free and he realises her need to run the world and bask in glory, it may turn out to be a very good combination of air and fire.

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