Gemini female Love Relationship with Sagittarius male

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The enlightened, charming and near magical Gemini man has a strong appeal for the typical Sagittarian woman and she for him. Gemini and Sagittarius are horoscopically opposed, but the attraction endures because each of them possesses qualities that the other lacks. The physical magnetism between them is hard to resist, so are the mental and emotional vibrations. They share an eternal youthfulness of spirit, an inquisitive bent of mind, responsiveness to nature and a mutual need for freedom, a space between them, so they can have a common goal. Both the Gemini man and the Sagittarius woman seek an active social life, surrounding themselves with people, because they have an innate fear of loneliness. A Gemini man has to control his tendency to the use of sarcasm when he is angry and Sagittarius will have to curb her tendency to utter tactless remarks just when what he actually needs is her tenderness and understanding. The Gemini man is a poetic dreamer but incapable of saying exactly what he means. To live with any degree of contentment with this clever and fascinating man, the Sagittarius woman will have to pay attention, not to what his lips say but to the truth flashing in his eyes.

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