Gemini female Love Relationship with Aries male

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This combination sometimes has a great deal of internal strife because of their visibly different attitudes towards sex. Being a mercurial sign, Gemini has a more conventional approach towards sex. The mind plays an important part in all lovemaking, while the emotional Martian Aries possesses a direct approach in this matter. All in all, Gemini likes the refined, intellectual approach to continual bliss. However, this can easily frustrate and annoy the impatient Aries and after a while the Arien woman may look for some change in the circumstances and seek a less difficult companion. Arien-Gemini match cannot be termed as a perfect one, but it can work with understanding and effort. In any relationship, love is always the overpowering factor capable of conquering all the difficulties and this relationship would turn out to be no different. It is probable that the Arien is capable of eventually calming Gemini. Aries are always the energetic types, as if they carry a fire inside them. Their personal aura and energy levels are so high that it might be really difficult for Gemini to handle.

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