Gemini female Love Relationship with Cancer male

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There is a basic difference in the natures of Cancer and Gemini. While Cancer is satisfied to become a truly domesticated mate, Gemini is sociable and outgoing. Gemini likes to interact with as many people as possible at a time. The homebody Cancer may find the gregarious Gemini hard to get along with. Gemini is constantly looking for change. The Cancerian moodiness may prove troublesome for Gemini to cope with. Once hurt, it is difficult to bring a Cancerian girl out of her shell. Her refusal to communicate at such times might upset a Gemini. Cancerians never let go of anything easily and Gemini, who never hangs around anything if it is not needed, will not be able to comprehend this. Her possessiveness can make the free-spirited Gemini run away. She has to show tenderness to make him come closer. After a little while, he may solve the mystery behind the crab girl. Cancer is driven by emotion and feelings and generally prefers steady relationships. Gemini is constantly on the move and afraid of committing. Gemini`s unstoppable movement will prove unsettling to the Cancer girl.

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