Numerology Number 4

Those born on the 4rth, 13th, 22nd or 31st of any given month, are ruled by the Numerology number 4 and astrologically by the planet, Rahu. 

The number is considered to be lucky for Leo and Scorpio.

The quote that best describes the workaholic Number 4 is “The best thing you could do is master the chaos in you. You are not thrown into the fire, you are the fire.”- Mama Indigo

Associated with The Emperor(4) card in tarot, Number 4 is all about authority, worldly power, knowledge, wisdom, stability, and discipline.

This number does not make friends easily nor are they materialistic. They do not hesitate in setting up new rules and regulations if it conforms with their views.


Numerology facts about Number 4

  • Number 4 is believed to be a perfect number by the Pythagoreans.
  • 4 represents stability, order, conscientiousness and determination.
  • Everything is made up of four elements-earth, water, air, and fire.  
  • 4 is a feminine number.


The personality of Number 4

Positive Traits

  • You like to follow the principles and traditional values that you inculcated in your life and have strong moral values. You are not fond of people who break rules.
  • You plan out all the moves and are highly organized and dependable. You can make dreams a reality.
  • You make hard working and good employees.
  • You firmly believe in the adage “If you are not going to do a thing well, do not do it at all”.


Traits You Can Improve On

  • You should make an attempt to let your hair down more. Life is not all about burying your head in your work all the time. Take time out for family and for relaxation.
  • Try and be more open-minded and understanding of people who may not agree with your work ethics. Patience is not one of your virtues when you are opposed.
  • You can be so boringly predictable as you never stray from the path.
  • An important parenting tip for you: Do not impose your views on your children. Allow them to explore life on their own too.


Career and Number 4

Since you are not one to leave a project halfway, thanks to your dedication and methodical nature, you will do well in jobs that require attention to detail.

A career in the military, an IT guy, book-keeper, office clerk, co-coordinator, businessman, real estate agent, a manager will all suit you well.


Number 4’s love compatibility

The 4 is the ultimate builder and provider, who is proficient in building for the future, making the partner feel secure in the process.

A Number 4 will also make a very practical partner-an awesome friend who is faithful to the core. They may not believe in PDA, but they will always be there for you.

As a parent to your children, number 4 will be loving and always willing to help, with the downside that they will have high expectations from them. 


Number 4 lucky colors 

Electric blue and grey will suit them the best.

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