Numerology Number 1

People born on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th of any month, are blessed with the Number 1. Their ruling planet is the Sun, which is also the ruling planet of the zodiac sign, Leo.

Warriors to the core, the quote that best describes them “Energy and persistence conquer all things”-Benjamin Franklin.

Associated with the Magician(1) card in Tarot; Number 1 can create magic. Number 1 is also associated with The Sun(19) tarot card.


Numerology facts about Number 1

  • 1 gives birth to all numbers
  • It is the only number that is neither male nor female, although most of its traits are masculine.


The personality of Number 1

Positive Traits

  • Those with numerology number 1 are fiercely independent, competitive, determined, value their freedom, are original, have leadership qualities, are self-reliant, etc.
  • Number 1’s, can accomplish whatever they set their minds to. They are perpetually brimming with new ideas and this is what gives them happiness.
  • Number 1 is charismatic and so entertaining with their stories that they can magically draw everyone’s attention to themselves even in a large crowd. 


 Traits You Can Improve On

  • Since you are perpetually striving to reach some unreasonable standard, if you fail to do so, you can be harshly critical of your own self. You hate to be overlooked by anyone.
  • Yes, others can be right too. You need to listen to their point of view.
  • You need to be more cooperative with others and no! This does not make you servile.
  • You need to drop that arrogance and dominating tendency with others. 


Career and Number 1

A natural leader, you are happiest when you are working and bringing creative ideas to life. You are a visionary and an inspiration for the others. In spite of being very ambitious, you are not the type to put others down in order to move up the ladder. The only people who may get annoyed with your way of working are those who cannot keep up with your perfection.

It is very rare for a Number 1 to not achieve the target he has set out for. It makes sense to be in a team that is led by a Number 1. 

In spite of being a motivational leader, 1 is a lonely number. They enjoy this as they are answerable to no one then.

Career best suited for Number 1-Self-employment(Entrepreneurship), military, politics, law, preacher, astrology. 


Number 1’s love compatibility

Since you are a perfectionist and always want to lead, this can be exhausting for those around you, if they are the types who like to take it easy.

You must allow your partner to take the lead sometimes.

Since you are outspoken, you can hurt your partner if they are sensitive.

They pair best with a 3 or a 5 as 3 is light-hearted and can casually handle 1’s serious nature while 5’s adventurous nature compliments 1’s.


Number 1’s lucky colors are the colors of the sun-

Gold, orange and yellow.

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