Numerology Number 8

Those born on the 8th, 17th, or 26th of any month are ruled by the Numerology number 8 and the planet, Saturn.

The quote that best describes the Number 8 is “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new”.

Associated with The Strength(8) card in tarot, Number 8 is all about cycles, infinity, balance, success, opportunity, sustainability, observation. It is about domination and control. 

8 is both spiritual and materialistic. It resembles the symbol of infinity and deals with the recycling travel path of energy. The Number 8 resonates with authority, self-confidence, inner-strength, inner wisdom, social status, ego and at the same time has to love for humanity and a desire for peace. 

Eights are extremely professional and so are very successful, especially in business.


Numerology facts about Number 8

  • The shape of the number reflects its most important attribute - balance. It is the number of ‘karma’.
  • Figure 8 ignites our soul as the cyclic path of breath moving through our lungs and body is in an 8-like pattern(Infinite symbol).
  • 8 is the highest feminine number.


Personality of Number 8

Positive Traits

  • You are hardworking and tough and persistent until you accomplish the task you have taken up.
  • You are a good decision maker and know when to actively seize an opportunity in order to achieve success. 
  • You have a philosophical nature believing in justice and balance and manifest it not only for yourself but for humanity as a whole.
  • You are resilient and overcome adversity, and often an abusive environment, because you are a survivor and refuse to be a victim.


Traits You Can Improve On

  • You should be more open to others opinions and be more flexible towards receiving their ideas. Stop being condescending and domineering and so sure of yourself.
  • You can get a touch unscrupulous and ruthless sometimes, choosing success and wealth over relationships. Yes, money does not grow on trees but do not overdo the miserliness.
  • You need to be more compassionate and have control over your anger. 
  • Learn to not be judgemental. Remember, that while others may not have your business acumen, there are lots of other positive traits in them which you may not have.


Career and Number 8

8’s are good at speculation and so will do well in stock trading. They make excellent businessmen, entrepreneurs and start-up leaders as they love to make money. 

They know how to play their cards right in order to reach a high status and a powerful position even as an employee.

They will be happy in a career related to finance, law, medicine, and even surgery as they are good decision makers. 


Number 8’s love compatibility

They are very family oriented and always protective of their loved ones. They are loyal, true and a dependable partner. In return, all they ask for is love and admiration for their efforts and achievements they garner in life.

But be prepared to be overlooked while they are busy raking in the moolah.


Number 8 lucky colors 

Blue and yellow.

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