Personality Number 8

Hi ,Your Personality Number is : 8

You are a bit disorderly and have a distorted sense of priorities. You find it difficult to see a project through to its logical conclusion as you lose sight of your objectives. You will need firm resolve and dedication to succeed.
You are a capable administrator and have excellent business acumen. You are farsighted, but a little reckless. Don't brood over failure - get on with your life. Try to develop your will power but don't let ruthlessness take over.
You are flexible and love challenges but tend to be impulsive. You are ingenious and witty. You have a multifaceted personality but you need to be more focused to succeed.
You are not easily swayed by others and are an imaginative thinker. You tend to follow a single line of thought at a time. You generally prevail in academic discussions.
You feel that you stand out from the crowd but can't figure out what sets you apart. Childhood shyness makes you very vulnerable. You choose friends with great care and rarely share secrets. You hesitate to show your sensual side. You are also a naïve romantic dreamer. You are also very emotional and expect a lot from your relationships.
You have a noble demeanour. You are a humanitarian who is keen to help others improve their lot. Your calm façade belies your sensitive and vulnerable nature.
You should have an even approach towards issues you feel strongly about. You must control your anger and be more compassionate and understanding. Look at the larger picture and respect the other person's point of view.
You strive for freedom and success. You are smart and witty. You have an individualistic streak and distinct style. You feel restricted by routine. You need to lead the way. Take care, however that you don't lose your sense of balance.
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