Personality Number 4

Hi ,Your Personality Number is : 4

Though aware of the problems around you, you do little about them. Your contentment will be closely linked with your ability to look beyond yourself and you will have ample opportunities to work selflessly. You will also need to overcome your intolerance, as you will be involved with people from varied backgrounds.
You are an excellent communicator and very artistic. Though you are a team player, you try to retain a degree of independence. You are quick on the uptake but need to discipline your thought process. You are also a risk taker. You are very emotional and have to try hard to develop lasting relationships.
You are flexible and love challenges but tend to be impulsive. You are ingenious and witty. You have a multifaceted personality but you need to be more focussed to succeed.
You are thoughtful and kind. You are admired for your fair play and kindness. You are creative and like beautiful things. You are protective of those you love; people relax easily in your presence.
You can summarise a whole lot of different ideas and reach a consensus. You are systematic in your approach.
You have a unique insight and thrash things out very thoroughly before arriving at a decision. You dislike impulsiveness and your analytical skills help you get to the heart of the matter. You have little time for fantasy and prefer hard facts. You are detached and distant in your relationships.
You should have an even approach towards issues you feel strongly about. You must control your anger and learn to be more compassionate and understanding. You should look at the larger picture and respect the other person's point of view.
You undertake tasks after thorough preparation and are usually in control of a situation. Your determination will take you a long way. You are a realist. You also possess high ideals like honesty and fair play, and want to make the world a better place. You need to be more flexible in your ideas.
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