Numerology Number 2

Those born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th of any given month, are ruled by the Numerology number 2 and astrologically by the planet, Moon

The quote that best describes Number 2 is “Listen to your heart. It knows all things because it came from the soul of the world. And it will one day return there.”-Paulo Coelho.

Associated with The High Priestess(2) card in tarot, Number 2 is all about inspiration and intuitiveness; about being gentle and forgiving, about trusting and having faith.


Numerology facts about Number 2

  • 2 is the most feminine among all numbers.
  • It is the smallest even number and represents things coming your way in double. This is an auspicious number for the Chinese as they believe that ‘good things come in pairs’.


The personality of Number 2

Positive Traits

  • You are a go to person in any group as you have the ability to sort out any difference between people, create peace and reunite them.
  • You have a knack of disarming situations tactfully as you are empathetic, considerate and a good listener.
  • You are not one to simply fall in and out of love. You take your time opening up to a person and that’s fine as it is well known that the one who takes longest to commit in a relationship, stays the longest in the relationship.


Traits You Can Improve On

  • You must not allow your self-esteem to dip every now and then. Must you need a second person to remind you of your worthiness? Straighten your shoulders and be more confident.
  • You should not get all flustered up if things do not go according to routine and be more open to the unusual and unconventional happenings in life.


Career and Number 2

You enjoy working in a non-competitive environment and love to serve people by being helpful to them. Since you are good at diffusing tense situations, you would make excellent diplomats, social workers, healers, teachers, medical personals.

You can pursue a profession of a clairvoyant because of your high level of intuition.


Number 2’s love compatibility

Since 2’s are extremely intuitive, they would be good at reading their partner’s mind. On one hand, this can be a real bonus, on the other, it can become a pain for the partner, if ‘what was read’ was not appreciated by the reader!

The 2’s enjoy socializing and can really let their hair down at a party. But in spite of being involved in a function, a part of their mind is always on the alert to check if all is well at the home front. 

While the 2’s make very loving parents, they do value their space.

The best part about the 2’s is that they will never leave their partner in case of a crisis and always rally around without being pushy.

But just remember to keep reminding your 2 number partner of their worth, every once in a while.


Number 2’s lucky colors 

Green and white. Since they have small aspirations, preferring peace and order around them, green and white colors help them attain serenity. 

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