Numerology Number 6

Those born on the 6th, 15th, or 24th of any month are ruled by the Numerology number 6 and the benefic planet, Venus, which imparts in 6, vibrations of harmony, love, beauty, and unification.

The quote that best describes the Number 6 is “Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women”-Maya Angelou.

Associated with The Lovers(6) card in tarot, Number 6 is all about balance, perfection, truth, dependability, equality.

The world needs more people like Number 6. These people are naturally creative, are intelligent, responsible and get along with people easily and thus help in raising positive vibration in the environment.


Numerology facts about Number 6

  • Number 6 is aligned with shapes that are created from perfectly equal parts, like the cube, hexagon, and hexagram. Thus, 6 is a symbol of perfect union and soulful integration.
  • Six is the epitome of a feminine number.


The personality of Number 6

Positive Traits

  • The ultimate nurturer, the ‘motherhood’ number, you care not only for your immediate family but also for others. 
  • A humanitarian to the core, people flock to you because of your loving and empathetic nature. You can feel the pain that others go through and are highly intuitive to their thoughts.
  • Being creative and artistic in nature, you love everything beautiful and if you have the means, you would spend lavishly on the good things in life.
  • You are very honest and upfront with your dealings and get hurt deeply if you are cheated.


Traits You Can Improve On

  • You need to gift yourself some ‘me-time’ and stop being a martyr for the others or you will simply be taken advantage of. You should nourish your own soul.
  • You need to be more balanced in your life as you depend far too heavily on people around you. You are completely capable of solving a problem but you need to be prodded into action.
  • You can get too emotional at times and need to control your feelings by being more practical.
  • You can be a downright flirt as the opposite sex is easily attracted to your charming nature.


Career and Number 6

You would love a ‘work-from-home’ job. You can be an artist or a poet or start a confectionary business from home.

You would make a wonderful mentor as you are great at inspiring and teaching others. You take your role as a helper, very seriously. So, a teaching job, healer, guidance counselor, a therapist would be your forte.

You would also make a very compassionate doctor or nurse.


Number 6’s love compatibility

The ideal partners for them would be numerology numbers 3,6 and 9. Number 6 makes delightfully romantic partners who give unconditional love and support. With a magnetic personality, they have no dearth of admirers.

Number 6, being a house-maker, likes to keep the house clean and uncluttered.

They are peacemakers who will always step in to douse a brewing nasty situation.

Needless to say, they make wonderful parents who are always there for the children.


Number 6 lucky colors 

Indigo, red

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