Ruling Number 6

This number is governed by the Planet Venus, which symbolises love, sympathy and adoration. It also stands for a creative, aesthetic and artistic temperament. You are naturally attracted to people born between August 21 and September 20, between December 21 and January 20. You also have an affinity for those governed by the numbers 2, 3, 6 and 9. Though you are not particularly interested in accumulating wealth, you are generally well off. But you tend to spend extravagantly, especially on luxuries. Some of you could strike it big through a windfall.

You are a born artist and are drawn to all things beautiful and aesthetic. You have a pleasant personality. You are always full of energy, enthusiasm and charm. Your conversation is interesting and lively and you are remarkably witty. You are a deeply loving person who feels a deep sympathy and affinity for humanity. You have a deep sense of loyalty towards your friends. You are deeply attached to your family and constantly strive to make life easier for them.

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