Meditation for Weight Loss

Meditation for Weight Loss

Your efforts around eating healthy and exercising are helping you in losing and maintaining weight. That’s great. Something else might also help, meditation it is. Yes, did you know that meditation for weight loss is a thing not many of you must have a clue of. Wondering how just by sitting in a quiet position one can shed those extra kilos. Well meditation has the answers to that and there’s nothing new about it.

It is evident that meditation develops mental discipline and willpower and can help you avoid triggers for unwanted impulses. This can help you recover from unhealthy food addiction, lose weight and redirect other unwanted habits.

What Is Meditation For Weight Loss?

Meditation for weight loss can be a healthy and effective way to eat better and lose weight.

In meditation, you get the truth of why you consistently skip your workout routine or grab fast food every time you return home from work. You can understand why weight loss has been an issue in the past and reach a place where you are mentally prepared to stick to a weight loss program and get to your ideal weight. Through meditation you can connect the dots to create a unique and personalized approach so that you are keeping the weight off as well. 

Mindfulness meditation seems to be the most beneficial in your weight loss goal. In this meditation you pay close attention to your present - where you are, what you’re doing, how you’re feeling at the present moment. You take stock of what you are doing and feeling without judgement by not trying to classify anything as good or bad.

The Science Of Meditation For Weight Loss

Scientific studies have found that the effects of meditation on our bodies and its practice can help us relax, sleep better, and improve our health. The same way they have evaluated the role in which meditation can affect weight loss and certain behaviors that are linked to poor eating habits. According to science, mindful meditation can help to decrease the frequency of emotional eating and binge eating. 

How To Perform Or Practice/Steps To Meditation Weight Loss ?

The first step to before trying meditation is to choose a practice. There are several basic meditation styles but they all follow the same basic technique of quieting the mind and taking time to breathe and become more aware of your body in the present moment. You can try different methods to figure which one works best for you. You can also take help of guided meditation for weight loss for better outcomes. You can follow the steps below to get started with meditation for weight loss. 

  1. First of all find a quiet room with no distractions or disturbances.

  2. You can sit or lie down in any position that makes you easy and comfortable.

  3. Take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds. 

  4. Exhale slowly. Repeat the process. Breath naturally.

  5. Focus on your breath. Observe your breath as it enters your nostrils, raises your chest, or moves your belly.

  6. Continue focusing on your breath for 5 to 10 minutes.

  7. If you find your focus overpowered by wandering thoughts, don’t worry as it’s completely normal. Acknowledge the fact and gently return your attention back to your breath.

  8. Slowly start to wrap up. Meanwhile, reflect how easily your mind wandered and acknowledge how easy it was to bring back the focus to your breath.

Weight Loss Meditation Benefits:- 

Meditation is no magic, it takes time to master and show results. It won’t make you lose weight overnight, but with regular  practice it can have lasting effects not only on your weight but even on your thought patterns.

Mindfulness method effectively helps weight loss and changes eating habits. Regular practice of mindfulness meditation also helps keep the weight off.
Mindfulness meditation is also particularly effective in reducing emotional and stress related eating habits. You become aware of your thoughts and emotions. You can recognize when you eat when you are stressed, rather than when you are hungry.

As we know meditation is a stress reduction technique, it can have a positive impact on results during your weight loss goals. Meditation for weight loss will likely make the weight loss process much easier. So, why not give it a try!


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