Meditation for Healing

Meditation for Healing

There are many factors that pose barriers to healing like stress, anxiety, inflammation, and chronic stressors. Clearly there are forms of meditation practice that can help people cope with ailments.

Let’s be honest, everyone, at some point or another, has to face health concerns, traumatic emotional situations, or mental illness. It can be Illness, aging, chronic pain or addictions, many of us battle with troublesome health conditions that push us to find answers and advocate for our own healing. But, the power to heal lies within the body, and meditation is that bridge to guide and helps us reach our body’s healing potential. It’s clearly a long-term holistic improvement measure.

Just like a car or any machine for that matter needs servicing, in a similar way meditation is like the servicing of the mind-body complex. The clearer one’s consciousness, the more one’s sense of well-being increases.

What Is Healing Meditation?

Healing Meditation is an exercise of focus and mental relaxation, which has its origins in ancient Indian tradition. Healing meditation has shown promising results for chronic conditions like depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and digestive disorders. It’s simple, healing your body with your mind!

The Science Of Healing Meditation

Studies have revealed that techniques such as meditation or mindfulness, breath regulation affected people’s stress response at a molecular level. These practices help counter the effects of ailments such as stress, which in turn may help fight against the development of diseases and aging. Meditation undoubtedly affects the human mind and body.

On a spiritual level, meditation helps you connect to your pure inner self by disconnecting from the outside world when you stop receiving and internalizing overwhelming information, including external stressors, your heartbeat, blood pressure, and basically every part of your body starts to calm down. This means good because there will be less imbalance in your physical body and mind, which can result in less disease overall.

How To Practice Healing Meditation?

Remember meditation is personal. A 20-minute session is a good aim however if practicing for a lesser time period such as 5 minutes gives you a good feeling then continue with that. If you are a novice practitioner then a guided meditation for healing will help you achieve the positive benefits much better than trying the practice on your own initially. Try this meditation after waking up in the morning or just before going to bed. But, before starting to practice meditation for healing, try choosing a form of meditation based on what you want to get out of it and follow the following steps.

  1. Firstly, find a quiet room to meditate where you won’t be disturbed. The room should be dimly lit. 

  2. Sit on a straight-back chair and maintain a comfortable straight body posture without straining yourself. Place your hands on your thighs. Sit in a crossed-legged position for a seated pose on the floor. If you find sitting uncomfortable then lie down on the floor and not on the bed because you don’t want to fall asleep while meditating.

  3. Close your eyes and breath normally or try staring at a focal point of objects such as a candle concentrating on the flame.

  4. Begin repeating a mantra in your head or chant it gently. You can use Sanskrit mantras such as “Om”, or simple words like “shantee” (peace), calm, etc.

  5. Continue for 10-20 minutes.

  6. Whenever attention starts to drift away, bring it back gently.

  7. When you finish, sit quietly for a few minutes and start opening your eyes slowly.

Benefits of Meditation for Healing OR How Healing Power of Meditation Works:- 

While meditation hasn’t been proven to cure specific ailments, it’s believed that it can be helpful when used alongside other conventional treatments. One crucial benefit of meditation is that it helps alleviate anxiety, which can potentially bring positive changes in your overall health. Many studies support meditation as a tool to help the healing process in the body.

  1. Meditation boosts life energy. also called prana in Sanskrit which is the basis of healing for both the body and mind. Lack of prana results in low levels of energy and enthusiasm and dullness. With meditation our body comes alive with life making us feel more energetic, alert, and full of life.

  2. Meditation can heal illness. Often it is said that the root cause of illnesses lies in our mind/consciousness. So by attending to the mind with meditation aids in removing stress, anxiety, worries from our thoughts. This brings a positive state of mind, which in turn has a positive impact on our physical body, brain, and nervous system. As a result, the illness starts to decrease gradually.

  3. It clears emotional obstacles. We as humans often end up getting stressed and depressed, which can easily be termed “emotional pollution”. Don’t you agree? Many things affect our state of mind, they either give joy and peace or fill it with negative emotions such as anger, sadness, jealousy, or frustration. Meditation is key to clear ourselves of these negative emotions. Yes, meditation will help experience a clarity of mind and a deep state of rest.

  4. Meditation helps us blossom from within and attain spiritual transformation. When we transform from within, it is the sign of sound health. Think of the Buddhist monks for instance who treat mindfulness as a way of life.

  5. Meditation heals chakras, the energy points in our body. These chakras are located in the astral body along the spine. Each chakra coincides with a physical counterpart of the body such as veins, nerves, and arteries, and each radiates a specific color and energy. Meditation for chakra healing helps activate and function these chakras. 

Benefits of meditation for healing are plenty and everyone must tap into their inner being to realize a more enriched living physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


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