Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana meditation, ever heard of it? The Vipassana is known to be the oldest Buddhist meditation practice originating more than 2500 years ago as a universal remedy to develop awareness and equanimity. Vipassana also has laudatory references in the sacred texts Rig Veda. Its attributes are directly linked to Lord Buddha.

The term ‘Vipassana’ in Pali translates to insight. Hence, a Vipassana meditation is also known as Insight Meditation, to see things as they really are and not just as they appear to be. Many people around the world highly acclaim Vipassana as a form of meditation for healing all aspects of a human being - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Buddhist monks and practitioners swear by its power of absolute inner transformation.

What Is Vipassana Meditation?

Vipassana meditation is the journey of self-awareness. Vipassana meditation technique provides a deep calm to the body and mind, a state of tranquility that must be experienced to be understood. The mind is brought to a resting state, focused only on one thing and not allowed to wander. It’s all about cultivating insight.

The meditator focuses his mind on an item and removes all other thoughts and perceptions from his consciousness. It gradually increases your awareness. And, the experience of inner peace within leads to non-delusion, greater clarity of thought and self-control.

Vipassana is an excellent practice to help you ground yourself in your body and understand how your mind works.

The Science Of Vipassana Meditation?

The technique of Vipassana meditation can be called scientific as it explores the laws of nature within the framework of one’s own mind and body. The method of self-observation that results in total purification of the mind and its full liberation. It is found effective in reducing stress and increasing the productivity of an individual.

How To Practice Vipassana Meditation?

As with most meditation techniques, Vipassana meditation should be practiced properly.  Guidance from an expert practitioner would be good. However, if you are new to meditation then Vipassana is probably one of the easiest meditation techniques to get started with. With this technique, we seek a deep, clear and precise awareness of the body. Below are the Vipassana steps to follow:

  1. First and foremost find a place where you feel at peace.

  2. Sit down on the ground with legs crossed and your spine straight. Make sure you are comfortable. 

  3. Close your eyes, and relax your mind and body. 

  4. Start breathing in a relaxed manner. Focus on the sensation of breathing your body. with attention .

  5. Place your attention at the belly. Feel your abdomen rise and fall as you breathe. Hold your focus locked on the breath of the abdomen.

  6. Focus on the breathing process. Be mindful of the process. You will become aware of the sensations; as you breathe in the rise of the abdomen, and its rise as you breath out.

  7. Maintain a steady attention and there should be no mental pressure. The mind should rest at the present moment. Say silently in the mind - ‘rising, rising.. and … falling, falling’

  8. Maintaining focus for long periods can be a challenge. If your focus wanders, talk to yourself and offer support to your mind. Simply return your focus to your abdomen rising and falling with each breath. 

  9. You can continue with the meditation as long as you want it to be as it can be continued throughout the day. This need not come to an end after an hour.

  10. As you come to an end, open the eyes carefully and gradually. You need to feel the sensation of opening the eyes, the transition of the postures until you have stood up.

What Are The Benefits Of Vipassana Meditation?

Anyone can benefit from practicing Vipassana meditation. Below are some of the many health benefits of Vipassana:

  • Increases concentration and mental awareness.

  • Lowers stress, anxiety, depression, etc. thus, greatly improving your health.

  • Gives powerful insights into the inner workings of the mind.

  • Improves your instincts that accurately guides you through life

  • Reduces the effects of negative thoughts.

  • It enables you to take control of your emotions.

  • Enhances brain power and recall memory.

  • Incredible healing - mentally, physically and emotionally.

  • Increases levels of creativity.

  • It provides you the correct mindset for personal and professional success.

  • Brings inner peace by quieting down your mind chatter.

  • The power to access your super-powerful subconscious mind. 

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