Meditation for mindfulness

Meditation for mindfulness

We pretty much often get ourselves easily caught up in swirling thoughts. Learning meditation for mindfulness could help in clarity of mind. Mindfulness has become the most sought after technique among masses in healing and wellness not just your mentally but physically and emotionally.

Wondering what mindfulness can do? Well, mindfulness is a mental state that requires full focus on the “present” so you can acknowledge and accept your thoughts, feelings, and sensations without judgment.

It’s a relatively easy practice to get started with. It doesn’t require any props such as candles or mantras. You just need a comfortable place to sit with 3-5 minutes of your time, and a mindset free of judgments.

What Is Mindfulness Meditation?

A Buddhist-inspired collection of practices, mindfulness meditation simply is a mental practice that helps you learn how to slow down racing thoughts, discard negative thoughts, and bring calm to your body and mind. The key idea of this meditation form is to pay attention on purpose. It is basically able to fully present by self-regulating your attention and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what is going around us. There are varied techniques of mindfulness meditation, but usually, mindfulness includes a breathing practice, mental visualization, awareness of the body and mind, and muscle and body relaxation.

The Science Of Mindfulness Meditation

According to research, mindfulness meditation can bring about physiological, psychological, and social benefits in our lives within a few short weeks of practice. Mindfulness practice has been linked to changes in many parts of the brain. When we are mindful, connections between different regions of the brain change for the better. 

How To Practice Meditation For Mindfulness?

Mindfulness meditation is straightforward and simple enough to practice on your own. But you can also get started by taking help of a teacher or a guided meditation, if you are practicing mindfulness for specific health reasons. Follow these simple steps to get started on your own.

Firstly, find a quiet, comfortable place to meditate. You can choose whatever place to sit on - a chair, a meditation cushion on the floor or a bench in the park. Keep your body posture straight but not stiff. Wear comfortable and loose clothes so that you are not distracted. If seated on the floor, cross your legs. If using a chair to sit, touch the bottom of your feet on the floor.

After you have taken your position, relax. Bring your focus on your breath or the sensations in your body.

Now feel your breath. Become aware of your breath and feel the sensation of air moving in and out of your body as you breathe. Feel the air enter your nostrils and leave your mouth. Also, feel your belly rise and fall. Pay attention to each breath.

If you find your mind wandering, which is quite inevitable, don’t worry. You don't need to be hard on yourself trying to block or eliminate these thoughts. In a few seconds, minutes, just gently return to the attention of your breath and focus on the present.

Mindfulness Meditation Benefits:- 

Regular practice of meditation has positive effects on stress. Some of the benefits of this meditation technique are

  1. Mindfulness gives you better sleep.

  2. It also makes progress towards your weight-loss goals.

  3. It also lowers your stress levels.

  4. It decreases the feeling of loneliness in older people.

  5. It proves beneficial in removing temporary negative feelings.

  6. It is great in improving attention.

  7. It manages chronic pain.

  8. It can increase the grey matter in the brain.

  9. It alleviates the feeling of stress, anxiety, and depression.

  10. Another benefit of practicing mindfulness meditation is that it could have a positive impact on your relationships. It is also known to promote positive behavior in kids.

As mindfulness is a relatively easier technique of meditation, you can take advantage of daily opportunities and help build a more consistent mindfulness practice. Just being present for a few minutes could reap benefits. 


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