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Venus Mahadasha

Venus is, in general, a very benefic and highly tender and polite planet and its Dasha remains for 20 years. It usually represents love, beauty, compassion, luxuries, and enjoyment in life. You can experience an extreme level of comfort and passion when your life is ruled by Venus. Your senses will be always active in this dasha. Mainly you will see how important happiness is in your life and all other materialistic things will fade away in front of these enjoyments. Although, luxurious life is also another symbolic element of Venus.


Everything seems pleasurable in Shukra mahadasha. The main idea revolves around forming strong bonds in the former relationships with either family or near ones. Also, creating new connections is an important part of this dasha as the effect of Venus will compel you to do so. Everything in this dasha is about beauty, romance, relationships, creativity, arts, food, and different lavish things that surround us and our lives. 


Positive Venus Mahadasha Effects:


Shukra Mahadasha can make you a creative person, an artist of great calibre. You can be very successful in your career during this Mahadasha automatically. It can help you to regain anything that you have lost during the last dasha. Relationships can alter and love affairs can bloom during this Mahadasha. Wealth and social status can be back in your life or can make a way in your life.


There are high chances that you get a very beautiful and attractive life partner. You can also get a lot of attention from the opposite sex and remain desirable for a very long time. Longevity is also one of the Venus Mahadasha effects. Venus represents marriage, love, art, and luxury life. A lot of power will enter your fate which will make you famous or a sought after personality. A humongous amount of wealth is in your way if the right placement of Venus is there during this Mahadasha.


Things generally turn in your favour and no matter what is the situation; it will mould in such a way that in the end, it benefits you. Venus Mahadasha can be one of the most prosperous and enjoyable times of your life.


Negative Venus Mahadasha Effects:


Every dasha is neither completely bad nor completely good for any individual. The results of any period depend highly on the individual and his/her actions. The effects vary from person to person. Often it is seen that the Venus Mahadasha makes people too comfortable and when Saturn comes under Venus Mahadasha then all the comforts are seen to be gone from the person’s life. Career-wise you might need to do a lot of hard work to achieve great heights and still face negligence and offensive behaviour from your peers. Panic attacks and stress episodes are very common during Shukra Mahadasha due to various factors including marital problems or a large amount of debt.


All the positive effects that come with good placement of Venus Mahadasha can turn in a wrong way. You can lose all your money and the luxuries that you have acquired till now. Your love relationships and marital life might experience a great downfall. There are chances that you have multiple bad experiences in terms of love, leading to restlessness. Success might become a distant dream if the Venus Mahadasha effects are negative. You can become poor, lose all your wealth, and get some mental issues during this time. Also, some bad habits are highly likely to enter your life. 


Venus Mahadasha with other planets:


Venus Antardasha under Venus Mahadasha can bring an immense amount of wealth in your life. You will be really happy during that phase. It will be a very comfortable period and you will enjoy everything to the fullest. Your desires will intensify when Venus rules your life; this will ignite the right amount of passion in your relationship or marital life. Artistic abilities pop out in you and you get highly inclined to enjoy various things. 


Venus Mahadasha is very beneficial for Taurus and Libra ascendants and highly malefic for zodiac Virgo. Venus remains in friendly terms with Mercury Antardasha and works negatively when associated with Sun or Moon Antardasha. With Mercury aligned with Venus, an accurate and balanced amount of love and well being can be seen in your life. Saturn or Ketu Antardasha can prove to be some of the hardest periods of your life.


The Antardasha of All Planets in the Mahadasha of Venus

Even though particular charts have to be analyzed before predictions, you will find general predictions based on the effects of the Antardasha of all planets when Venus is in Mahadasha. So, let us understand what results from the Antardasha of the nine planets in the Mahadasha of Venus can bring for a native, which will help you find a solution. 

The Effect of Venus (Shukra) Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Venus

Venus' Antardasha leads to gain in wealth and prosperity. The native enjoys great comfort, convenience, new clothes, luxury, and so on. Venus also brings name and fame in society. Along with financial gain, one also experiences the intensity of desires in personal life. This mood brings new relationships and romance among existing ones. It brings love and passion back into your married life. The person feels artistically inclined and becomes fond of creative activities such as fine arts, etc. There is a lot of joy and happiness during this period.

The Effect of the Sun (Surya) Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Venus

The relationship between the Sun and Venus is informal, so the Sun somehow increases the positive effects of Venus. While there will be little progress in wealth, some challenges remain in life. Small disputes with family members and the spouse are likely. This is the time when only honest efforts can yield good results. Some enemies or opposition may also try to pull you down. Apart from this, you also feel a lack of support. This Dasha mostly affects your eyes, head, stomach and heart.

The Effect of the Moon (Chandra) Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Venus

When these two female water energies collide in Dasha, the natives become fond of artistic discovery and beauty, such as music, flowers, fragrances, fine arts, etc. Both these planets are tender, feminine and beneficial - exact results vary within individual horoscopes. Excessive humble energy causes problems in the career. Family life may face difficulties too. The native has to follow the righteous path. An inclination towards spirituality helps.

The Effect of Mars (Mangal) Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Venus

In this Dasha period, some blood-related problems occur several times. Natives become aggressive and vengeful. According to the astrologer, there may be some obstacles in work, so you should work towards controlling your behavior. Health issues like fever, cold, blood transfusions, acidity, etc. can also persist. However, the natives also attract wealth, jewelry, luxury clothes, etc. during this period. If you are in business related to land, copper, or gold, there is a huge profit during this period. Overall, this Dasha brings mixed results for the native.

The Effect of Rahu Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Venus

This period brings good news from children and relatives. However, the native should take care in situations involving fire, chemicals, or poison. Some infection due to the drug is also possible during this period. You can defeat enemies during this time. The negative influence of Rahu takes care of the beneficial aspects of Venus to some extent, so some challenges and difficulties remain during this period. The native may fall out of the grace of superiors at work and may sometimes lose position and money. Some bitterness and misunderstanding persist even in relationships.

The Effect of Jupiter (Guru) Anatrdasha in the Mahadasha of Venus

While the relationship between Jupiter and Venus is negative, both these planets are beneficial. Jupiter is considered to be the most beneficial planet in Vedic astrology and is related to expansion. Under the contradiction of Venus, Jupiter extends what Venus gives. During this period, the native gets good business status, material happiness, and happiness in family matters. Some inclination towards spirituality is also felt during this condition. A person gets a lot of recognition in his social circle. Jupiter also extends knowledge and intelligence. Spouses and children spend a pleasant time together and they also see career advancement.

The Effect of Saturn (Shani) Anatardasha in the Mahadasha of Venus

Saturn is male, while Venus is female. Since both the planets are friends with each other, the negative impact of Saturn reduces to some extent. The results of this Dasha are, in turn, average. At the same time, the natives are likely to experience conflicts in married life. The native enjoys great comfort and luxury during this period. Obstacles in career and social life can cause some disturbances in life. Health issues and financial instability also persist due to increased spending. On a positive note, this period is marked by an increase in religious inclinations. This is a period of hard work. If you invest in serious efforts, the results will be somewhat positive.

The Effect of Mercury (Budha) in Mahadasha of Venus

Venus and Mercury are friends of each other. Furthermore, both planets are beneficial. If this Dasha is free from ill effects, then individuals enjoy a comfortable and pleasant life with children. The native can feel happiness in all cases. Mercury affects the right amount of intelligence to annoy opponents and gain fame. This is an excellent period for those who participate in creative competitions such as debate, art, poetry, writing, or painting. The native lives a satisfying life with friends and family. Relationships with the spouse and other family members remain stable and happy. You become more honest about relationships.

The Effect of Ketu Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Venus

Ketu is a malefic planet in Vedic astrology, so it weakens the positive influence of the feminine Venus here. Individuals experience an increase in bitterness in relationships. Lack of mental peace also persists during this period. Many obstacles keep you from moving towards success, especially in your career. The native may lose his position at work or suffer some loss. During this, some unwanted trips also take place. You must be very careful as your enemies try to harm you as well.

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