Is Mercury’s Sagittarius Transit Your Cosmic Game-Changer? Find Out!

Tue, Nov 21, 2023
Tarot Sonia
  By Tarot Sonia
Tue, Nov 21, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Tarot Sonia
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Is Mercury’s Sagittarius Transit Your Cosmic Game-Changer? Find Out!

Mercury Transit or the Budh Gochar from Scorpio or Vrishchik Rashi (zodiac sign) to Sagittarius or Dhanu Rashi is happening on the 27th November 2023 at 6:02 AM IST, and Budh will stay in the 9th zodiac sign till 28th December 2023, after which it will once again move back to Scorpio Zodiac in the Retrograde motion.

Mercury, also known as Budh or Budha in Vedic astrology, is the prince of all the nine planets in astrology, like a Raj Kumar, and is the Karaka for intellect, knowledge, and wisdom. It also signifies exceptional business acumen and magnetic communication skills that make you charming and steal everyone’s heart.

Mercury is the sign lord of two zodiacs - Gemini and Virgo, and is quite friendly with the Sun and Venus, while it has a neutral relationship with Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn planets, and it has enmity with the Moon.

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Mercury Ruled Signs:               

  • Gemini
  • Virgo 

Mercury Friendly Signs:

  • Leo with Lordship of Sun   
  • Taurus and Libra with Lordship of Venus

Mercury Enemy Signs:

  • Cancer with Moon as Lord

Mercury Neutral Signs:

  • Capricorn and Aquarius with Saturn Lordship 
  • Aries and Scorpio with Lord Mars 
  • Sagittarius and Pisces with Jupiter as Lord 

Here, we will unveil how the Budh Gochar, also known as the Mercury transit in 2023, will affect each of the 12 Rashis and offer some powerful Vedic remedies that are incredibly simple to use and accessible to everyone. 

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What Does the Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius Mean for Everyone in 2023?

The following are the most likely effects of the Mercury transit in Sagittarius, based on the zodiac signs.

Aries - Effects of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius on Your Sign

Dear Ariens, the Mercury transit in Sagittarius in 2023 is happening in the ninth Bhava or house of your horoscope. This house represents your religious beliefs, Karma, integrity, moral values, spiritual growth, etc. Therefore, this house is known as the Dharma Bhava in Vedic astrology.

  • Most Ariens will be visiting temples very often. They will suddenly become more and more spiritual and take up daily practices like meditation and yoga. 
  • You will also start helping and reaching out to various people through donations and charity work. 
  • Your hearts will be filled with compassion, and you will believe in giving more and more.

Remedy – Chant the Budh Beej Mantra 108 times.

Taurus - Effects of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius on Your Sign

Dear Taureans, the effects of Mercury transit will be felt in your horoscope’s eighth house, also known as the Ayu Bhava, which is associated with longevity, mysterious and hidden things, passion, and ambition. This transit will have an effect on the physical well-being of Taurus natives. 

  • You will maintain your overall well-being, and your awareness of your health will increase. 
  • Many of you will start daily workouts if you have been ignoring your health for a long time and also adopt a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.

Remedy – Feed spinach to cows on Wednesdays.

Gemini - Effects of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius on Your Sign

Dear Geminis, when Mercury's transit in Sagittarius occurs, it will take place in the seventh house of your Kundli, which is the house of partnership, both personal and professional. Professional partnerships include business partnerships, while personal partnerships include your marriage/love life and the quality of your married life.

  • There are chances of some conflicts and disagreements with your partner. 
  • Not only situations might arise where conflicts or differences in opinion become apparent, but there could also be strong reactions in play.
  • Keep your emotions in check. 

Remedy – Donate green bangles to a Kinnar (transgender).

Cancer - Effects of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius on Your Sign

Dear Cancerians, when Mercury enters Sagittarius, the sixth house of your horoscope, this transit will affect you. The 6th house represents our health, wellness, and daily routine. 

  • Your general health and well-being will continue to be favorable.
  • You will eventually begin to look after yourself, and your focus will shift from the outside world to yourself for good.

Remedy – Place a Buddha Yantra in your house.

Leo - Effects of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius on Your Sign

Dear Leos, the effects of Mercury's transit in Sagittarius will be felt in the fifth house of your natal chart. This house represents your first conception or pregnancy, as well as your talents, preferences, and property matters. This planetary transit will have a direct impact on your love life and romantic affairs. 

  • During this time, your romantic life will likely improve, and many new romantic relationships will blossom.
  • Singles looking for a partner or exploring for a long time will meet their soulmates, and those already in a relationship will make their commitment official.
  • People who want to start a family will find this an excellent time to do so.

Remedy – Fast on Wednesdays.

Virgo - Effects of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius on Your Sign

Dear Virgos, Mercury transit in Sagittarius 2023 will take place in your birth chart or Janam Kundli’s fourth house. The fourth house in the horoscope is for our home and family.

  • The family atmosphere will become very friendly and peaceful as a result of this transit.
  • During this transit, your focus will be on the home and domestic affairs, which will not only keep you busy and occupied but will also keep you on your toes.

Remedy – Donate cosmetics to a Kinnar (transgender person).

Libra - Effects of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius on Your Sign

Dear Libras, during this transit, when Mercury enters Sagittarius, the third house in your horoscope will be affected. This house represents our siblings, habits, areas of interest, creativity, communication, and, last but not least, our journeys.

  • Many Libra natives will plan a vacation with family and friends, and some may simply be too adventurous to go on a solo trip to the mountains or the hills. 
  • Traveling alone will also be incredibly fulfilling and transformative, assisting you with the necessary reflections and connecting with your inner self. 

Remedy – Visit a temple every Wednesday. 

Scorpio - Effects of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius on Your Sign

Dear Scorpios, the second house, which is also known as the Dhana Bhava and is for your wealth and materialistic possessions, is where the Mercury transit in Sagittarius will happen. 

  • While some of you might try to dissolve, liquidate, or sell off some assets, others might begin making plans to increase their wealth even more.
  • You would begin to consider other and new methods and techniques of wealth generation that are long-term, more secure than existing instruments, and offer a much higher ROI (Return on Investment). 

Remedy – Donate green clothes on Wednesday.

Sagittarius - Effects of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius on Your Sign

Dear Sagittarians, the Mercury transit in 2023 will take place in the first house, or Lagna, for you. The first house in Kundli represents the self, which includes our physical attributes, strength, and appearance.

  • An increasing number of Sagittarians will be focusing more of their energies and attention on their external appearance during this transit. This can include your overall grooming, sense of style, and choice of clothing and accessories. 
  • You will grow more aware and conscious of your surroundings and put in a lot of work to enhance your appearance and become considerably more presentable than your typical self. 

Remedy – Chant the Budh Beej Mantra - “Om Bram Brim Broom Sah Budhaey Namah “

Capricorn - Effects of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius on Your Sign

Dear Capricorn, this Budh Gochar or Mercury transit will occupy the 12th house in your horoscope. The 12th house represents the unseen realms and subconscious. It also encompasses everything that exists outside of physical forms or domains, such as our dreams and secrets.  This makes it both interesting and overwhelming, causing your heart to skip a beat or two. 

  • During this transit, when Mercury enters Sagittarius, it will definitely be a wonderful idea to do the dream analysis of your dreams. Analyzing your dreams when Mercury enters Sagittarius during this transit will undoubtedly be a great idea. During this time, dreams will serve as direct communication from the other world to you via the membrane of your subconscious mind.
  • It will also be an excellent moment to explore the occult world.  

Remedy – Maintain good oral hygiene to strengthen your Mercury. 

Aquarius - Effects of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius on Your Sign

Dear Aquarians, when Mercury transits in Sagittarius, its effects will be experienced in the eleventh house of your Kundli. The eleventh house in the horoscope is our Labha Sthana or the house of profits.

  • Many of you might receive good news, such as huge profits on your previous investments or the ancestral property being dissolved and you receiving a large share of the pie.
  • Overall, you will experience this transit as if it were your honeymoon period since you will receive positive news one after the other and from several sources. 

Remedy – Install a Budh Yantra that has been consecrated and programmed by an astrologer in your home.

Pisces - Effects of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius on Your Sign

Dear Pisceans, the Mercury transit in Sagittarius will take place in the tenth house of your horoscope. The tenth house is your Karma Sthana in astrology, and it has a direct impact on your professional life. It is also referred to as Rajyasthana and Kirtisthana.

  • This transit will impact your job and business immensely. Try to finish all the pending tasks and your to-do list. Do not procrastinate;  put all your effort and abilities into what you can do today.
  • Your hard work right now will help you reap huge benefits in the form of promotions or salary hikes.
  • Simply put your aggression and tactics into action right now with the proper balance of wisdom and patience.

Remedy – Get a Budh Yantra on a Bhoj Patra to activate and strengthen your Mercury.

*Note- These are generalized zodiac predictions; hence, the results may vary from person to person.

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