Monthly Tarot Reading for June 2021 By Tarot Mansi

Monday, May 31, 2021

It is the month of relationships, understanding, love, meetings and togetherness. The warmth of being together and the feeling of oneness. A good partnership or bond is suggested here. It is the month of harmony and unity. This is the month of a fulfilled unforeseen journey. It's an important month for you to trust your judgement while planning for the future.

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ARIES Tarot June 2021

The LOVERS card this month represents the focus on romance, harmony and overcoming obstacles for the attainment of love.

You are required to make decisions based on your inner feelings.

EMOTIONALLY very enthusiastic. New job offers are likely to come. New changes, strong emotions of excitement. ROMANCE is in the air.

MATERIALISTIC SUCCESS, completion of projects. There is a focus on congenial family relations. It represents gain, riches and wealth. This is the month of self-discovery with confidence, fun and optimism.

Good month for movement in carrier and relationships.


TAURUS Tarot June 2021

This is the month of responsibilities; tensions and pressures seem overwhelming. You will really have to work hard to lessen your burden by sharing responsibilities.

You may meet someone who can serve as a physical or a spiritual guide for you. Once you can put the past experiences behind you for good, you will assist others in doing the same.

SPIRITUAL success in the study of awakening.

This is the month for spontaneity. There is a focus on trust and hope. This is the time for HEALINGS and a journey of self-discovery. There is enough freedom and space within a relationship to make it successful. You should trust your inner wisdom and work towards happiness.


GEMINI Tarot June 2021

This is the month of good news. Also, it's the month of an offer of business partnership.

For all students, it's a good time for higher studies or learning. This is the month of taking responsibilities and working hard on projects. You will eventually become very strong; you will lead and dominate others through his strength or will.

RELATIONSHIP, you will have a beautiful relationship this month. You will fall in love with a mature and good looking person. Also, he or she will be very wise, kind and well educated.

STAR card signifies positive destined changes. You are likely to feel a sense of calm and relief. You will be able to experience a feeling of liberation. Period of good fortune through study or hard work. You can experience and channel healing energy into your life.

TRUST your inner self to be in tune with the powerful energies of the universe.


CANCER Tarot June 2021

This is the month of realizations of what you desire and your inner strength to achieve the same. You desire to explore the opportunities for fulfilment.

FOOL card says dream-like situation. You are on a different trip of self-discovery with confidence,  fun and optimism.

In this month the focus is on travel, or news from overseas is likely to come. Fast-moving events and action is foreseen. A lot of enthusiasm and strength is required to succeed in all ventures.

You may feel nostalgic about your childhood. It may be a suitable time to procure a new environment. You will be very creative. Also, you will start helping others by teaching poor children as charity.

You will surely have some good support from your family, and all your ideologies will be accepted in life. FAVOURABLE encounter with family, friends, colleagues and society. 

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LEO Tarot June 2021

This is the month for the result of efforts and energies put in to accomplish the desired goal. Also, a job promotion or a confident approach to life in general. Gains and victory are on the cards. Past efforts bring rewards. You may also receive public acknowledgements for your work.

The current period of your life is stable and secure. You can rethink your priorities, like further study, a holiday, or even settling another line of work. The decisions made by you now would leave a marked impact on your future. You are likely to receive encouraging news and assistance. Favours done in the past are likely to be returned.


In this month, a simple union of two people in love. This is the month of love, passion, friendship, harmony, affinity and sympathy. 

Also, TWO OF CUPS Suggests marriage or a deeper commitment.


It is the month of prosperity, abundance and contentment. EMOTIONAL security and contentment. It is a wish card, ALL your wishes to be granted by God.


VIRGO  Tarot June 2021

For all VIRGO people, it's the best time for growth, positivity, money, harmony, and peace.

A SUN card indicates happiness, contentment in personal and professional life along with the attainment of desired goals. Promotions and success in matters related to career.

The HIEROPHANT card indicates spiritual growth in spirit, mind and body. Commitment and strengthening of relationships are highlighted. It's the time to live a luxurious life.

You will have a passionate approach to work. There are chances of a new job or developing a new skill.

In this month, your love partner can be a good inspiration in your business or new ventures. Anything to do with property or security is well favoured.

All achievements are achieved through practical planning and best of efforts. It's a beautiful month full of happiness, love and growth.


LIBRA Tarot June 2021

This is the month of good relationships and stability in life. A good month for harmony and unity. THE TWO OF CUPS suggests love, passion, affinity, union, sympathy and harmony.

All relationships may turn into marriage or a deeper commitment.

It's a very good month for the planning of new projects, business and new ventures. There is a focus on recognition of talent and hard work. This is the time for laying solid foundations for long term rewards. You need to sort out your problems and not be let down by any delays. It would help if you also took care of your health. It's a month of growth.

The WHEEL OF FORTUNE card represents fortune, luck and change. You are in for a change which shall bring with it new things and a different environment. Fate shall play its role. Optimism should be high on your list, as whatever is down on life's wheel never remains so and is bound to move on.


SCORPIO Tarot June 2021

In this month, you might come across a person who is virtuous and honest. This person might help you in your professional life. You are required to study the depth of things to develop inner understanding.

In this month, opportunities exist in life for happiness, love and joy. It is also time for spiritual development. This month also represents joy, nourishment, fertility, abundance and spiritual fulfilment.

It would help if you focused on the accomplishment of goals. A business project would prove to be a very good investment as it would bear great financial rewards. 

 This month will be very good for relationships; friends, society and family will appreciate YOU. Good time for property or security is well favoured.

NINE OF CUPS card suggests that it signifies fulfilment and concord. It's brimming with prosperity, abundance and contentment.

The focus is on achievements and the overall feeling of happiness resulting from it. You are likely to achieve your personal goals. It's a wish card, whatever you wish you will surely receive.

Your hard work towards a certain goal will bring good returns. SUCCESS is likely to be seen in a business venture. People in the job will have promotions.

EMOTIONALLY stressful month, general feeling of anxiety, displeasure and regret. You may receive the inheritance, which may not bring much pleasure or satisfaction.

Your work efficiency would be noticed; you may be deputed on a project that would benefit you in the long run. All your projects will be completed this month. Overall a good month for growth in finances and investments.


Sagittarius Tarot June 2021 


This month signifies success and victory. You are likely to achieve money in abundance. All your wishes are going to be granted by God.

Relationships bring harmony and peace into your life. Emotional security and contentment is indicated. In this month, you need to be careful with your health or any illness. 

New beginnings in terms of jobs, ventures or business opportunities. You may have the company of a person who will leave a major impact on you professionally. You are likely to be determined to work hard and succeed.

It's time for celebrations in social gatherings and family. The focus is the accomplishment of goals and rewards. Spiritually you are feeling low. Responsibilities, tensions and pressures seem overwhelming. It would help if you considered lessening your burden by sharing responsibilities.

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CAPRICORN Tarot June 2021

You can prioritize things and focus on your goals. You contemplate your future prospects, making use of the time in your hands. It is also the month for regaining mental and physical health. All your wishes will be granted by God this month. The focus is on achievements and the overall feeling of happiness resulting from it. Your inner needs are fulfilled.

In a relationship, a great deal of harmony is seen. You have learnt to love and care for yourself, and so you work towards making a happier relationship.

You have to make adjustments and decide on your plan of action. You are required to concentrate and avoid distractions to put in your best.

You will start working really hard in work which suggests profits and financial gains. 

The current period of your life is stable and secure. You can rethink your priorities, like further study, a holiday, or even set another line of work.


AQUARIUS Tarot June 2021

The LOVERS card indicates an aura of the spiritual world. All major decisions related to love relationships will take place this month. DEEPER commitment to a present relationship. Also, this month can depict the process of falling in love.

Career will be great, you may have outgrown the current line of work, and it would be wise on your part to move on into something new. A good partnership or bond is suggested this month. HARMONY and UNITY are key factors. MATERIALISTIC gains are also indicated.

HANGED MAN implies surrendering to life with faith in positive changes.

Peace of mind this month. It would help if you made adjustments to improve your circumstances. You need to use free will to move forward.

In this month, dreams are trying to convey messages to you. Your subconscious mind gives answers to all your queries. 



PISCES Tarot June 2021

It is an excellent month for cash flow. There is a focus on good investment as it would bear great financial rewards. This is the month that indicates kindness and charity. This month indicates job change; you are likely to achieve success through work. Good fortune will go hand in hand with your disposition of caring for others and their well being.


It can mean home as a base for work. Projects are likely to be rewarded with success. This time marks births, weddings and material prosperity.

You are required to develop skills to acquire the perfection and success you desire.COMMITMENT, hard work and skilled efforts are required at this point. Creative talent could turn into a profitable project. You are likely to take up a course to widen your employment scope.

You would need a different approach to obtain better results. It would help if you worked steadily towards fulfilment.

There may be anxiety about an offer made and doubts about the effects of accepting it. Now is the time for long term planning for future actions. Assessing goals and gearing up to attain the same in the times to come is suggested here. The challenge is to remain connected to all the things in life even when the going gets tough.


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