Planet Sun Transits To Scorpio - Fame & Popularity Will Be By Your Side

Tue, Nov 16, 2021
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Nov 16, 2021
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Planet Sun Transits To Scorpio - Fame & Popularity Will Be By Your Side

Planet Sun rules Leo sign. On 16th November, it will transit into the Scorpio sign, ruled by planet Mars. Those who have a strong position of planet Sun in their chart possess impressive speaking skills, and they are mostly seen at the high post. Such placement of the Sun gives a good name and fame on both professional and personal front. Mostly these people are seen achieving success in life. On the contrary, if there is a negative position of planet Moon in your chart, you might struggle with various aspects of life. 

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So with this transit of planet Sun into Scorpio sign, let us see how it will affect other signs. 

Aries-  Sun will transit in your 8th house. In this period, your expenses will increase. Try to avoid unnecessary expenses and make more savings. 

  • Things can disturb you in legal ways; stay alert. 
  • There are high chances of experiencing discomfort and discord between you and your father.  
  • You will feel stressed about this because your partner will not support you. 
  • Make efforts to resolve such a situation. Also, take care of your health and avoid travelling.


Taurus-  Sun will transit in your 7th house. You can face disturbance in work related to partnerships.

  •  Take decisions wisely and stay away from unnecessary arguments. 
  • Take care of your partner's health.
  •  Please don't make any business-related trips in this period; it will not give good results. 
  • It will be great if you will be calm in this period. 

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Gemini-  Sun will transit in your 6th house. If you have not been feeling well for a long period, you will feel energetic now. 

  • Those who get into jobs during this period will be good for them. 
  • They might get promotions and increments. 
  • You will get good support from your seniors. 
  • All kinds of stress and problems going on in the family currently will be sorted in this time. 


Cancer-  Sun will transit in your 5th house. You will face ups and downs during this time. You will feel stressed and low in this period; it'll be better to share things with your partner so that you will feel a bit relaxed.

  • For those who are in creative fields, this period will be beneficial. To achieve success, you have to put in more and more effort. 
  • Your good decisions will give you positive results. 
  • Take care of your child during this period. 


Leo-   Sun will transit in your 4th house. This period will be a gaining period in your family. 

  • Good luck will be on your side, especially from your mother's side.
  •  This time is good for investments and buying property. 
  • You will also host family gatherings during this period. 
  • You will get outstanding results from your efforts. 
  • This period is good for money gaining; use this period for your betterment.


Virgo-  Sun will transit in your 3rd house. In this period, you will get good results from your hard work, and all kinds of blockage will be released on the work front. 

  • You will get good results at your workplace. 
  • In this period you will get good support from your siblings. 
  • Your business-related trips will be successful in this period. 
  • Your bank balance will increase, and even your savings will increase. 

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Libra-  Sun will transit in your 2nd house; this period will be an average period for you. 

  • Think wisely before investing money, and it can be beneficial for you. 
  • You might feel stressed because of family matters. 
  • Your earnings will increase, but on the other hand, you will spend more, and you will feel stressed. 
  • Don't get into any unnecessary arguments and handle everything patiently. 
  • With good results from your child, you will feel happy. 


Scorpio-  Sun will transit in your 1st house. You will be focused and attain good results. 

  • Do not get distracted during this period. 
  • Trust in your own decisions; it will be beneficial for you. 
  • This time, you will get appreciation from your seniors for your excellent work. 
  • If you want to start any new work in this period, this transit will be favourable. 
  • You will see ups and downs in the family; try to solve things patiently. 


Sagittarius-  Sun will transit in your 12th house; in this period, you will take more interest in religious work and feel peaceful. By this, you will understand yourself and get to know what you want from your life. 

  • You will get help to clear your blockages. 
  • This period is not good for investments; try to avoid it. 
  • A lot of stress can harm your health. 
  • Avoid overthinking.


Capricorn-  Sun will transit in your 11th house. This period is good for money gaining. You will get good opportunities, and sources will increase for earnings. 

  • This is the best time for investing in property. 
  • Stay alert from your hidden enemies, do not get into unnecessary arguments or fights. 
  • You will be happy by seeing your child's growth. 
  • You might go on a family trip; you will feel happy. 
  • Try to avoid fights with siblings.


Aquarius-  Sun will transit in your 10th house, those involved in government jobs or any political field. This period is favourable for them. By getting new links, you will get good benefits at your workplace and see these results for the long term. 

  • You will get good name fame in family and society. 
  • Your stopped work will resume in speed. 
  • Moneywise, you get stronger and will be able to save. 
  • You will also get good support from your father.


Pisces-  Sun will transit in your 9th house. This period will give you amazing results in your personal and professional life. You will make good balance and because of it you will get mental peace. 

  • Those students who are preparing for exams or abroad related exams will get good grades. 
  • You will get good support from your seniors. 
  • Taking advice from your father will be beneficial for you. 
  • There can be good family gatherings in this period.


✍️ By-  Astro Puujel 

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