Planet Saturn Retrogrades 2021 in Capricorn - Time to Reconsider Your Karma!

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Planet Saturn Retrogrades 2021 in Capricorn - Time to Reconsider Your Karma!

Retrograde is a visible moment in which the planet “seems” to move backward in the sky; in actuality, none of the planets move backwards. This is the period when instead of forcing restlessly forwards, as we must do in the world, we get an opportunity to take a rest.

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On 23 May 2021, Saturn will be retrograde, and usually, Saturn gets retrograde 4.5months over a year. Retrograde of Saturn is going to happen in Capricorn (own sign). Saturn is the building planet, so what happens? It is nothing like everything falls down; in fact, it is time to stop building new things instead of rebuilding and restructuring them.


Saturn is the lord of Karma. Our Karmas are re-considered in Saturn retrograde period. As Saturn will retrograde in the Capricorn sign, and Capricorn is the sign of rules, professionals, business, and overall personality may be stuck during this period.

How Saturn retrograde affects different signs is given below.

Aries- Planet Saturn will retrograde in your 10th house. You may feel stuck with your profession and must take time before starting anything new.


Taurus-Planet Saturn will retrograde in your 9th house. You may find it hard to have a good relationship with your father, but it would be an excellent time to learn any language.


Gemini-Planet Saturn will retrograde in your 8th house. You may face loss in your investment and must avoid any bad habits, mainly during this period.


Cancer-Planet Saturn will retrograde in your 7th house. You may rekindle old alliances, and it is a good time to rebuild a new business relationship with them, as it would be great.


Leo-Planet Saturn will retrograde in your 6th house. You may get a job offer from your previous company, but must not indulge in more work, as it would lead to stress and bad health.


Virgo-Planet Saturn will retrograde in your 5th house. Misunderstandings may arise between you and your lover, so be careful. There might be Job loss or insecurity regarding the same is foreseen. Thus avoid involving in issues and clashes.


Libra-Planet Saturn will retrograde in your 4th house. You may worry about your mother’s health, so you must take care of her. Unexpected spending at home may disturb your budget.


Scorpio-Planet Saturn will retrograde in your 3rd house. You may be stuck in any place far from your home. You might be exhausted physically and mentally, and it would disturb you. To maintain balance in life.


Sagittarius-Planet Saturn will retrograde in your 2nd house. It is time to think about your financial plans for the future, as financial insecurities may disturb you badly.


Capricorn-Planet Saturn will retrograde in your 1st house. You may start thinking in a filtered way; thus, it will slow your decision-making. Sometimes an illusion can give you a false image, so be careful while making any decisions.

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Aquarius-Planet Saturn will retrograde in your 12th house. You may feel inadequate. Your mental peace can be disturbed, and there might be an imbalance in conscious and subconscious energies; the best way to get rid of it- MEDITATION.


Pisces-Planet Saturn will retrograde in your 11th house. You may have a reunion party with a school friend. Any business plan may come to you through your friend, and you may work together.

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