Mercury Transit in Pisces on 24th March 2022: What Can You Expect?

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Mercury Transit in Pisces on 24th March 2022: What Can You Expect?

The Mercury transit in Pisces on 24th March 2022 is set to happen. Are you curious to know the impact of this transit and what changes it can bring to the lives of the natives of the different zodiac signs? If so, read here.

Mercury is a personal planet. As personal planets embody our core personality, Mercury affects and sets our behavior, like how we speak and use our strategies and practicality in our daily routine. Mercury is the closest planet to the mighty Sun, and it should never have a gap of more than 28 degrees. You should know that any change or aspect by any planet or Mercury's transit can have an impact on your life.

Before we talk about how the Mercury transit in Pisces will impact our lives, let's learn a little about the planet Mercury and the zodiac sign, Pisces. The planet Mercury works quite well with earth and air signs; however, it's pretty average with fiery and watery signs. It is exalted in Virgo according to Vedic astrology and Aquarius as per Western astrology and debilitated in Pisces. Mercury is the planet of intelligence and acumen in life and has a hold over your conscious part of thinking. Mercury always feels comfortable in earth signs and air signs. This is because it uses energy at an optimum level in these signs.

Pisces is a water element sign. It is related to our subconscious mind and is connected with our emotional behavior. This sign is associated with a deep and hidden part, or we can say, a darker part of our lives. Mercury is known to explore things, and Pisces needs secrecy and deep thinking. This is why we feel mental pressure and lack confidence due to an imbalance in conscious and subconscious thinking. This is the main reason Mercury is known to be debilitated in this sign, as it cannot work properly in this sign and behaves more introspectively. This is why we see tremendous mental pressure in every field, whether students, accountants, C.A., sales and marketing-related people, or any other field during this phase.

How The Mercury Transit in Pisces 2022 Will Impact Different Zodiac Signs?

Mercury will enter the Pisces sign on 24th March 2022 (Thursday) at 10:55 AM (IST, India). Mercury will continue to transit till 8th April 2022, with direct motion.

The transit of Mercury in Pisces will be different for each zodiac sign. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces natives will face struggles in their current situation. Cancer and Scorpio natives will be in a comfortable situation during the transit of Mercury 2022 in Pisces. Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius natives will be restricted in many ways, and they need to adjust to the situations. Moreover, Taurus and Capricorn natives might get some opportunities during this time.

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Now, let's get to know what the impact of the Mercury transit 2022 in Pisces is going to have on the different zodiac signs. Through this article, you will also learn remedies that can benefit you during this period.

Read on to know how the planet Mercury transit in Pisces will affect the zodiac signs. 

Mercury Transit's Impact on Aries

Mercury will transit in your 12th house. Due to this, natives will have to deal with some anxiety issues, and they will find it hard to take any concrete steps. This is because Mercury needs consciousness and a practical approach, but this house and the sign are purely associated with our subconscious side. During this time, you need to take proper sleep and rest. Avoid making any major decisions in this period. Mercury will make an inconjunct aspect with your natal Moon.

Remedy - Donate some vegetables to orphans on Wednesday.

Mercury Transit's Impact on Taurus

Mercury will transit in the 11th house, and due to this, you will feel some emotional attachment with your friends. You will also get some emotional support from them. Your natal Moon will make a sextile aspect with the transiting Mercury, which will be an excellent blend for your intellectual faculties.

Remedy - Offer soaked Chana Dal (split chickpea lentils) to horses. 

Mercury Transit's Impact on Gemini 

Mercury will transit in your 10th house. This will give birth to a situation where your thinking process will work more than your capacity; however, the good part is that you will also get the desired results. The Mercury transit will make a square aspect to your natal Moon and cause struggles that can enhance your profession.

Remedy - Eat green and leafy vegetables as they will be good for you.

Mercury Transit's Impact on Cancer

Mercury will transit in the 9th house, and this is the best period for learning anything. Time will be quite favorable for students going for exams in this period. Your expertise will be used well in your professional area, as the Mercury transit is going to create a trine aspect with your natal Moon.

Remedy - Distribute books to poor students. 

Mercury Transit's Impact on Leo

Mercury will transit in your 8th house, and this will cause your daily routine to become more hectic. You will need to make more adjustments to this situation. You also need to be aware of where you are putting your money because your money can get stuck in unfruitful ventures. The transiting Mercury will inconjunct with your natal Moon, and this will be a tough aspect.

Remedy - Donate Palak (spinach) to the cows.

Mercury Transit's Impact on Virgo

Mercury will transit in your 7th house, and this will create an opposing aspect between your natal Moon and Mercury. This will always put you in various dilemmas in different situations. You will find it challenging to maintain your marriage and marital life. Some of the coldness and aloofness in you can be judged by your partner.

Remedy - Wear a copper ring on your ring finger.

Mercury Transit's Impact on Libra

Mercury will transit in your 6th house. Unexpected money loss or job insecurities can be part of your life during this period. You have to maintain balance in your daily routine, as you may face some health issues otherwise.

Remedy - Avoid a diet that is rich in carbohydrates in this period.

Mercury Transit's Impact on Scorpio

Mercury will transit in your 5th house. The Mercury transit will trine with your natal Moon, and during this time, you might earn money in the share market. You will feel calm and relaxed after a long time and may also go on a picnic with your children.

Remedy - Offer water in a copper vessel to the Sun daily.

Mercury Transit's Impact on Sagittarius

Mercury will transit in your 4th house. This transit will create a square aspect with your natal Moon. This will cause unnecessary issues in your home environment. You might have to deal with fights for property-related issues with your uncles or relatives. Try to spend the holidays with your family.

Remedy - Donate clothes to needy people.

Mercury Transit's Impact on Capricorn

Mercury will transit in the 3rd house, and it will create a sextile with your natal Moon. This will give you more confidence to face your annual goals. Salespersons will get good benefits for achieving their annual targets.

Remedy - You must keep a peacock feather in your purse.

Mercury Transit's Impact on Aquarius

Mercury will transit in the 2nd house, and it will create an inconjunct aspect with your natal Moon. You will find it challenging to maintain a monthly budget. Your finances will be stuck, so maintain your cash liquidity so that your daily routine at home won't get affected.

Remedy - Give some financial aid to Kinnars.

Mercury Transit's Impact on Pisces

Mercury will transit in your 1st house. Due to this, you may have great ideas and opinions; however, at the same time, you might feel insecure about taking any step. You must do meditation during this time; otherwise, your sleep pattern will get disturbed. Your natal Moon will conjunct to transiting Mercury, and this condition will make you more confused.

Remedy - Add alkaline-based food to your diet.

The transit of Mercury 2022 in Pisces will usher in both positive and negative changes in your life, as well as success, luck, fortune, and happiness. However, you should know that the impact of planet Mercury transit in Pisces 2022 will be different for each individual.

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