A Rare Celestial Sight! What Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Know About The Planetary Alignment In June?

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A Rare Celestial Sight! What Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Know About The Planetary Alignment In June?

We have a grand celestial alignment coming up on June 24th, 2022, where we will have Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all in one line in the sky. So, what can each zodiac sign expect from this planetary alignment? Read this article to know more!

This current planetary alignment will be a spectacular sight that will be visible with naked eyes in the predawn sky. We might need the aid of a telescope just for Neptune and Uranus, while all the others will be right there for you to see. This will be no ordinary event, and something like this shall occur again only on May 6th, 2492, when eight planets will get aligned. Before that, on September 8th, 2040, five planets will get aligned, including Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. This will not just be an astronomical event of interest to the scientist and photographers but also a great astrological event as this unique planetary alignment will affect all the 12 Rashis. This phenomenon will be extremely powerful and also affect our entire planet in a big way.

As per Mundane Astrology or Medini, the next two months will be a little tough with earthquakes, storms, tsunamis, airplane accidents, and war between multiple countries; the share market will go down, petrol and diesel prices will keep going higher and higher, and the overall inflation will be rising globally. There will be global unrest with higher crime rates. There is even a possibility of world war II. Europe will be severely affected as in Medini Europe is for Aries Rashi, and with Saturn in Retrograde and debilitated, it will have adverse effects. We already have so much going on in Ukraine and Russia, and so all things will be slowing down.

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Planetary alignment effects on humans will last for more or less 141 days. These 141 days will be days when we should work on ourselves, self-discipline, get organized, self-improvement, and add structure to our lives. To see the impact of this unique planetary movement on the Rashis, we calculated the multiple gochars and all the planet's positions as multiple planets are involved in this event so that we can give you a much simplified and compact prediction.

Now let's see, as per Vedic Astrology, what impact this Planetary Alignment will have on the 12 Zodiac signs -


Aries moon sign people will need to put structure in their day-to-day lives on an immediate basis. If anything was left in between or half undone, then this is the time for closures. Saturn will make you do it, in fact, force you to do it. All this is to help you grow or gain till July 17th, 2023, when Saturn will come in Aquarius permanently. You also need to take care of your health as you have been overlooking it for a long time because clearly, the planet's aspects are not good. Ariens, you have been running very fast, but things will slow down for you due to the planetary movements, so life will be slow and stagnant, but you need to get used to it. Overall it is a good thing as a lot of structure is coming into your life.

Remedy - Chant Hanuman Chalisa every day.


For the Taurus rising people, you need to take care of your parents during this recent planetary alignment, especially their health. Saturn is the Yoga Karaka here, so your foreign travels may get changed or canceled at the last minute. This planetary movement is good for Taurus moon sign people as well. You will be re-structuring your destiny at this time. Good times are ahead, and you should keep walking as you are on the right path.

Remedy - Chant Shani Chalisa every day.


Saturn is the Bhagya Swami of your zodiac sign. Spiritual life will accelerate for you, and you might go on pilgrimages. Your spouse's finances will change big time, and your relationship with your in-laws will also be impacted during this time. You will cultivate more interest in Yoga and meditation. You will be in retrospection mode and think about your life in detail right now, which is very good as your introspection can follow healthy changes in life. So, continue on your path.

Remedy - Chant Maha Mrityunjaya Path.

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For Cancer Lagna people, Moon is the Lord, which makes them very emotional. There will be family and property disputes, and they will get sorted out by discussing the points with all the stakeholders and arriving at the middle path during this period. If you are learning Jyotish Shastra or any other occult sciences, then you will create magic here. You will conduct deep research, clear all your basics, and come out with flying colors and immense learnings at this time.

Remedy - Chant Om.


For the Leo Moon sign jatakas, conflicts with partners will get resolved. You will be arriving at the solutions and closures at this time. You will be able to think afresh and organize your thoughts. Your immunity levels might go down, so you need to look after your health. Please know that the key to closures or conflict management is not that the opponent has changed or his viewpoint has changed; rather, it is due to the planetary alignment dates. You have slowed down and stopped to introspect at this time, allowing these issues to sort themselves out.

Remedy - Chant Sunderkand Path.


For Virgo rising signs, their love life and family life will take precedence at this time. You will be spending a lot of time with your family members, especially the kids. This is a healing and rejuvenating time for Virgo natives. Virgo is an Earth or Bhumi Tattva Rashi, so Bhumi elements always give stability. Your life will therefore give you immense peace, stability, and security right now. At the same time, your happy family life will play a crucial role in it.

Remedy - Place a Budh Yantra in your house.

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For Libra Rashi, you will be spending more time with your kids, trying to discipline them and teach them important life lessons. You will also work towards getting more comforts in your life, which will not just be the materialistic things but also the finer aspects of life. You will give more importance to your health, well-being, Yoga, meditation, nutrition, and the other right things in life during this triangular planetary alignment.

Remedy - Place a Shukra Yantra at home.


For Scorpio Moon Rashi individuals, Mars or Mangal is having the Lordship. Current planetary alignment astrology suggests that you will be meeting and networking with a lot of new people, which will be quite meaningful and beneficial for you at this time. You will also be taking up many short travels at the moment, which will be mostly for work and not just pleasure.

Remedy - Worship Hanuman Ji.


For Sagittarius Rashi natives, Fire or Agni is the Pancha Bhuta, and Guru has the Lordship of your zodiac sign. At the same time, Jupiter will give a lot of wisdom by awarding you for the right things and reprimanding you for the wrong ones so that you learn the right lessons, even if it is the hard way and comes with a price. Saturn will be tough on you; however, the other planets shall affect you comparatively better during this planetary alignment.

Remedy - Chant Shani Chalisa every day.

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For Capricorn Rashi natives, Shani is the Lord of your sign and hence is friendly. You will become Satvik during this time. Lots of hard work will start as karma balancing shall take place. Lots of savings will take place, and you will increase your bank balance during this recent planetary alignment. It's time for you to connect with your extended family members and help and support each other.

Remedy - Donate Black Dal on Saturdays.


For Aquarius Lagna natives, the air is elemental, and Saturn has the Lordship of the Rashi. You will become a loner, go into solitude, spend time alone, enjoying the joys of being with your own self. Solitude provides us the necessary opportunity for growth as we get time to think, introspect and re-evaluate. Foreign travel will be profitable and also auspicious at this time. So, make the most of this time before the next planetary alignment.

Remedy - Donate water on Thursdays.

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For Pisces Lagna natives, water is the Pancha Bhuta element, and Jupiter is the Lord of their zodiac sign. You will give a lot of weightage to what people or society will say about you during this planetary alignment calendar. There might be some health-related issues, so you need to be careful and get a health check-up done timely. Take care of yourself and your loved ones at this time.

Remedy - Feed Bajra and offer water to birds daily.


Are you curious to see this rare planetary alignment? You should make a plan and chase the night sky. But know that these planets might look tiny, but they can significantly impact your life. So, prepare to make the most of it with the help of this article!

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