Taurus male Love Relationship with Virgo female

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Taurus should sense the awkwardness of Virgo if love at first sight is to be avoided. Taurus will not get his way here. The Taurean male does not like to be criticised, whereas criticism happens to be the sharpest weapon that the sign of Virgo makes use of. Also, if you don`t like a lot of nagging around the house, avoid taking a Virgo mate. Both being earth signs, there will be much common ground for these two. Both Taurus and Virgo desire material success and security above all else, and on this count, they are compatible. However, one drawback in this relationship is that Virgo is normally well in control of her emotions, whereas Taurus thrives on a show of emotion. Thus Taurus could perhaps overwhelm the steadier Virgo emotionally. So success in this relationship would depend on Taurus` ability to make his Virgo mate open up, both physically and emotionally.

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