Taurus male Love Relationship with Cancer female

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Usually this makes a good match from an emotional point of view. Cancer likes a good home that is one filled with much love and affection. This is precisely what every Taurean also hopes to find when undertaking conventional marital responsibilities. From an emotional point of view, therefore, there is nothing in the stars to bar the prospects of a happy married life between these two partners. One thing the Taurean male must remember while dealing with Cancer is that she is an exceedingly sensitive person who will promptly crawl into a shell if made to suffer emotionally. So he has to deal with her gently and delicately for good results. If he tries to be too hard or dominating, she will certainly withdraw, if not run away. On the whole, this looks like a good combination as the other`s feelings and emotions naturally attract both signs. Certainly worth a try.

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