Taurus male Love Relationship with Taurus female

Kundli mtaching

From a purely physical standpoint, this appears to be a compatible combination. Due to tendencies of jealousy and obstinacy however, there could be trouble on the mental plane. One or the other must be willing to give way when tempers flare and accusations fly. Or else, serious difficulties could arise to mar the nuptial bliss. One point in favour of this partnership is that each understands the little quirks and moods of the other, and if deeply in love, they will readily forge an everlasting relationship. But if both try to be moody at the same time, there would be trouble in store for them. Also, this is a very stable relationship, so stable in fact that it could even become stale. Of course this stability is central to Taurus` needs and whether male or female, if you can do without excitement, adventure or change in life, this certainly is your ticket to love.

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