Taurus male Love Relationship with Scorpio female

Kundli Matching

In this combination, both partners appreciate each other. In fact, they are rather like a mutual admiration society. With a strong sexual urge defining the relationship, these two will certainly find much in common. Jealousy however is the big problem with this pair and is something that keeps showing its face one way or the other. Taurus must be careful to keep faith with his scorpion mate, or the house may well collapse without warning. Hey you Taurus! Beware of crossing the Scorpion`s path - you know her sting could be quite deadly! These are signs on opposite sides of the zodiac but they are compatible nonetheless. Just like earth and water, the signs ruling Taurus and Scorpio, respectively, are. This usually manifests itself in a strong physical attraction at sight. Both signs are intensely passionate. Scorpio being just a little more so. Also, both are known to be the intensely jealous and possessive types. So now you know!

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