Taurus male Love Relationship with Aries female

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This fantastic match should make a winning combination. Venus, the goddess of love, rules the Taurean nature and love is what an Aries female always seeks in a partner. Aries also appreciates Taurus` earthy nature. So this could be a sexually dynamic relationship. Though Taurus, being slow moving, may find the going a bit hectic at times, the added excitement helps to stimulate the friendship. The Aries female should avoid temperamental outbursts, for Taurus can become obstinate and ferocious when crossed. If ever a relationship was bound to make it in the long haul, this is it. Should a break-up occur, the Taurean may come surprisingly to life, giving fiery Aries a run for her money! Venus-ruled Taurus would then show Mars-ruled Aries the error of her impatient ways. However, most Taurus-Aries matches are said to be made in Heaven.

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