Sagittarius female Love Relationship with Taurus male

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The slow and steady Taurus is rarely able to keep pace with Sagittarius. Sagittarians by nature are brutally honest and this may hurt Taurus ego. Sagittarius` interests outside the home may arouse jealousy in the Taurean female. Mixing these two often amounts to shoving a square peg into a round hole. Normally, Taurus is very involved with the family, while the Sagittarian is more concerned with humanity. He is looking for a companion to mentally roam the hill with him. She needs a dependable, predictable man to sit by her and hold her hand. Taurean is not naturally inquisitive, while Sagittarius is always burning with curiosity. It is possible for their physical relationship to be a good one, if they understand each other`s needs and desires. The archer is a hyperactive man who needs freedom to mix with men and women in order to continuously stimulate his mind. A Taurus woman has just the opposite nature. A marriage between them, especially if their mutual luminaries are in negative aspect, can be full of irritation and heartburn. So, if these two decide to take a gamble and take the plunge, they will have a lot of adjustments to do, if they hope for reasonably happy life.

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