Sagittarius female Love Relationship with Pisces male

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The Piscean woman we know is a good listener and the Sagittarius man enjoys talking to someone who pays rapt attention to what he`s saying. This woman is powerfully perceptive and she`ll discover effortlessly, things about him he thinks no one knows. It`s instinctive with her to sense what the other person is holding back, especially in a love affair. This probably won`t affect him either as this talent of hers is such a subtle, gentle art. Then this Sagittarius man does not mind either, as most of such men don`t have a secretive bone in their bodies. Sagittarius being free and easy will find Pisces too much of a heavy load to haul around. Pisceans are very sensitive and often need space to exist in their dream world. The Piscean woman needs much gentleness from the man she loves, a whole lot of tenderness. She blooms under imaginative or creative interests, which have the power to enchant her but she falls into depression when she`s subjected to harshness or tactlessness. Her feelings could be wounded before he`s even aware of it happening. Though there is much here for an interesting and sincere relationship, Sagittarius man may find that the marriage to Pisces is too confining, as he happens to be intensely jealous and likes to possess his partner in entirety. This may smother the carefree archer.

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