Sagittarius female Love Relationship with Capricorn male

Kundli Matching

The two star signs are temperamentally world apart. One is optimistic and the other, pessimistic. The devil-may-care attitude of Sagittarius may prove too much for the sober and restrictive temperament of Capricorn. This would surely make the Sagittarian unhappy, as she would have the type of love that `passes all understanding` to find any happiness at all with this combination. His soaring imagination can be too much for his practical and calculating Capricorn partner. She would not think it sensible to daydream as her archer almost always does. Sagittarius male has the tendency to say things without thinking, which could hurt her. And being a Capri she might not easily ignore or forgive his act. Sagittarius requires a great deal of patience with his goat girl. The differences between the austere and conservative Capricorn and the outgoing and risk-taking Sagittarius may prove too vast to resolve. Not much in the way of compatibility, but as with most combinations, they can learn from each other. The two partners have a direct approach that could be the foundation of compassion between them.

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