Sagittarius female Love Relationship with Cancer male

Kundli Matching

Be careful about this combination. Cancer admires everything about the Sagittarian, and here lies the problem. Once Cancer has captured the busy-footed, roving-eyed Sagittarian, she will find that she got more than she bargained for. Cancer will not be able to keep her Sagittarian partner close to home and hearth. Cancer`s home is her castle, but for the Sagittarian home is just a place to hang his hat. He likes to be with his friend with whom he is deeply attached. Cancerian possessiveness might not take this calmly. Therefore, there is a possibility that problems could start the day these two decide to get together, unless each one is willing to attempt a complete change of their star-predicted personalities. This is a water and fire combination. There are vast differences in their natures and the match of the water-air elements might not be feasible, unless there are mitigating aspects in other areas of their charts. Sagittarius` outgoing and forthright nature will make Cancer uneasy. Cancer is too needy for the Sagittarius to handle. On the good side, they are both generous and gentle people. The need to be loved in both of them is intense and once committed, they would remain devoted and loyal.

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