Sagittarius female Love Relationship with Gemini male

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Here are two signs with one goal - freedom of limb and action. They are usually a compatible combination with both being frank, outspoken, and possessing a desire for a certain amount of personal freedom. Just like the twin Gemini a Sagittarius man also has two sides. He can be as bold and restless or as sensitive and retiring as his partner. Inconsistency is mutually agreeable to these two astrological affinities. Sexually they could reach a harmony of mind, body and soul. They meet on a common ground, and can plan their lives with a great degree of level-headedness. Sometimes the sharp verbal sarcasm of Gemini girl might hurt her partner so much that he would also inflict some wounds on her heart. At these times the love nest will become ruffled and feathers will fly. These lovebirds will fight more for the sake of diversion than for blood. But these two will reach a truce quite soon, with renewed devotion and romance. If the two partners are striving for some goals and are required to work as a team at work in the fields of publishing, publicity or science, they can turn out to be an excellent team.

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