Capricorn female Love Relationship with Taurus male

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With both partners having mutual understanding of each other`s personalities, this can be a very compatible marriage. They admire in each other, the shining virtues of solidity and dependability. Venus and Saturn blend very well from an emotional point of view. Both need a certain amount of flattery and encouragement, but Taurus will be the one who must take the lead in this direction. While Capricorn may seem a bit cold and aloof at first, the warm rays of Venus will soon melt the exterior of caution and prudence that is inherent to all Capricorns. The natural chemistry of the goat and the bull will make their romance smooth and without any unpleasant bumps. However, in matters of sexual union, things may not be entirely harmonious between the two. Sometimes these two are so alike, they can`t be told apart. A good combination of the basic earth signs; both have a responsible and practical nature that caters to their sense of security. They even have a mutual desire for success and material things. There is a need to infuse some light-hearted fun when things become too serious.

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