Capricorn female Love Relationship with Sagittarius male

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The most important thing for the Capricorn man in this universe is his ``family.`` He is concerned about his family not because he needs protection, but because he thinks that they need protection. The temperaments of the Capricornian male and the Sagittarius female are entirely different. The Capricorn male is not the aggressive type. Most of them are old-fashioned and gallant. His romancing might be tinged with timidity. There`s no doubt that a Capricorn male can appear to be cold, because he`s afraid to show his emotions too openly, as he fears they would be trampled upon. It is a fact that he can be most considerate towards himself. The devil-may-care attitude of Sagittarius may prove to be too much for the somber and restrictive temperament of Capricorn. The former is an optimist and the latter a pessimist. This would surely make the Sagittarian girl unhappy, as she would like to have the type of love that ``defies all understanding.`` Here we see the difference between the austere, conservative Capricorn and the outgoing, risk-taking Sagittarius. Not much by way of compatibility, but as with most combinations, they can learn from each other.

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