Capricorn female Love Relationship with Scorpio male

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This is a very hard combination to analyse. Both Capricorn and Scorpio find it difficult to communicate. Capricorn may clash with Scorpio`s strong and powerful personality, fighting for the last word when it comes to important decisions. Capricorn can be very disagreeable when frustrated, and Scorpio girl might use her sting to move the Capricorn goat from a set course. The emotional incompatibility usually becomes unbearable for the combination to handle. Sexually, they are compatible enough. Scorpio`s intense nature and obsessive secrecy will not create many problems for Capricorn. For practical matters, there are common traits, but the stubborn nature of both signs could make them enemies when things get difficult. However, Pluto and Saturn influence the Scorpio woman and the Capricorn man and this may help them strike the right chord of their hearts to deepen their love. They are both blessed with infinite patience and this may help strengthen their friendship and love.

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